After everyday exposure to the environment, we could all use a little help when it comes to our skin. Sure, lotions and exfoliants are great, but why not jump on the latest beauty bandwagon trend? While putting oil on one’s skin used to raise eyebrows, it’s no longer a taboo. There are a countless number of beauty helpers out there to nourish and maintain your gifted glow. If you’re looking to get your beauty regime back on track, then these face + body oils are definitely a worthy try. Read on for some skin-enhancing products to get your shine back in no time.


1. LUNA Sleeping Night Oil ($105 ): After a long day at work, you have to admit that some moisturizing beauty slumber is much-needed. Detox your skin from harmful sun rays and air pollutants with this organic nighttime oil.


2. Amazing Grace ($27): When we think of the word “oil,” we automatically think oily. Yuck, right? Well, this little guy is a body mist that holds the same properties without the icky feeling. And it smells like flowers — a win-win!


3. Regenerist Luminous ($26 – $34): If your lovely visage has been on the dry side lately, then treat yourself to this face-saver. It has nine natural oils fighting to keep your skin moisturized and glowing.


4. Dry Oil Body Mist ($39): If you’re always on the go — as most of us are — then adding an extra step to your beauty routine can be daunting. Spray this body mist quickly right after your shower for a low-maintenance, vitamin E-enriched skin boost.


5. Huile Prodigieuse ($30): Here’s another option to cut down time on that beauty routine. This multi-functional hydrator works for skin, hair and body. You will get an overall glow without really trying.


6. Pure Maracuja Oil ($17): There’s no need to interrupt your beauty regime because of travel. Take this rollerball wherever you go, and you’ll have a face oil that works to balance out your complexion and leaves your skin with a healthy glow.


7. Beach Body Oil ($32 ): Take the scent of the beach everywhere with this body oil. Its nourishing properties of vitamins E and C will make you look like you just stepped out of the ocean.


8. BioRegenerate Oil ($40): Apply this regenerator to your face and body to heal any damage caused by the sun. It only calls for two to three little drops for the magic to happen.


9. Lavender Body Oil ($22): As if smelling fresh lavender isn’t reason enough to put this oil all over your body, it also functions as a makeup remover. While some makeup removers can cause irritation to your face, this one soothes and moisturizes instead.


10. Whish Body Oil ($28): Sometimes our natural shine hides, but this baby works wonders by restoring it. And yes, it does smell like coconut, so you might want to grab more than one bottle.


11. Rosehip Oil ($34): This antioxidant aims to rejuvenate your skin by improving its elasticity. It’s also organic and smells heavenly.


12. Treatment Cleansing Oil ($50): After those late nights partying with your friends, all you want to do is get home and throw yourself on your bed. Sorry to tell you, but leaving makeup on your face while it rests is not a good idea. This cleansing treatment only requires a few pumps to remove any traces of that tough-to-remove metallic eyeshadow.

What face and body oils are your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.