April showers bring May flowers, or so the saying goes. On Instagram it turns out those picture-perfect posies are made of the most artfully manipulated buttercream frosting. It’s no secret that Instagram loves cakes — and the more outrageous, the better. Insta-bakers are continually delighting us with cray-cray creations, from giant donut cakes to waffle cakes to mind-bending metallic cakes. So check your feed right now, and you’ll see it’s never looked so fresh, pretty, and SINFULLY delicious. Here are 15 cakes so joyful and wonderful, they’ll make you wanna holler “Happy Spring!”

1. The Secret Garden: If your fave childhood book was The Secret Garden, this is the cake for you. Prepare to face-plant.

2. Just Peachy: These delicately piped cupcakes are actually the top of a cleverly arranged *cake bouquet* that’s just perfect for Mother’s Day.

3. Build Me Up, Buttercup: This bed of sugary-sweet yellow blossoms will bring a ray of sunshine to everyone who looks at it — and tastes it.

4. Sweet Violets: These delicate petals are so lifelike. Look at that African violet! They’re *almost* too sweet to eat, but we could give it a try.

5. A Tisket, A Tasket: Not only is this bouquet edible, so is the *basket* cake base. Bring one of these to Easter brunch and it will be the star of the dessert table.

6. Petal Power: These delicate flowered cupcakes are about to put a spring in the step of every single person at the office party. This is one meeting where EVERYONE will show up on time.

7. Purple Power: Look, it’s everyone fave hair color, baked into a spring cake! This is a perfect birthday cake for your best gal pal with the magenta locks.

8. Cinco de Mayo: These colorful cupcakes look like they belong in a Frida Kahlo painting. Serve these at your Cinco de Mayo party and these trays are guaranteed to come back to the kitchen empty.

9. Happy Monday: Look, some talented Insta-baker is surprising her office friends. She’s a #girlboss in the making, for sure.

10. Like Snowflakes: What do snowflakes have in common with these spring flower cupcakes? Each one is stunningly unique; you could keep them under glass — if you didn’t need to eat them, like RN.

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Flower cupcake set

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11. A Pretty Palette: Not only are the petals so lifelike, but the color scheme is beautiful. Someone tell Pantone we’ve found their next Color of the Year and it’s 1205C.

12. Art Imitates Life: This cake combines edible primroses with real baby’s breath. It’s hard to tell where human artistry ends and nature begins.

13. Love Thyself: You’ve gotta love a baker who bakes her own birthday cake! If you plan to follow suit, here are 30 more tasty ways to treat yo’self.

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Cherry blossoms season 😘

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14. Cherry Blossoms 24/7: Cherry blossom season lasts only 14 days at most, with peak time being just a day or two before all the blossoms fall. *Sigh.* But with this cake, flower lovers can enjoy them all year long.

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