We鈥檝e got good news for you guys. The days of crazy crash diets are gone, gone, gone. Yup. These days, it鈥檚 all about the complete lifestyle change. Between eating vegan, gluten-free or even Paleo, it gets hard to keep up with the latest food trends. So what鈥檚 next on the lifestyle switch-up? Living fully raw. YouTube sensation FullyRawKristina has mastered the raw food diet by creating recipes that won鈥檛 make you want to go back. Check out 14 of her yummy recipes below.

1. Jelly Donuts: Yes, it is possible to eat a raw donut. Trust us, we were surprised too, but our mouths were watering when we watched her top it off with coconut icing. Yum!

2. Strawberry Shortcake: This is one strawberry shortcake that you don鈥檛 have to feel bad about eating. Layer strawberries and coconut-flavored whip to make a dessert perfect for summertime.

3. Vegan Lasagna: Lasagna is one of our favorite dishes to make, so when we saw that this one is not only raw but also vegan, we knew it was a must-try. It鈥檚 full of fresh ingredients like arugula, parsley, green onion and Swiss chard leaves.

4. Banana Ice Cream Split: You better believe we鈥檒l be trying this Banana Ice Cream Split STAT. The best part? This is one dessert that doesn鈥檛 have to count as a cheat food.

5. Minestrone Soup: If you鈥檙e in the mood for something warm and cozy, use this recipe to make a batch of Minestrone Soup. As Kristina says, it鈥檚 savory, sweet and satisfying. Oh, we鈥檙e so in.

6. Rainbow Coleslaw: Nothing says summer food like a big batch of coleslaw. Add this raw option to your food lineup during the warmer months.

7. Vegan Chili: Yes, raw vegan chili is a thing. A really good thing, if you ask us. Thanks, Kristina!

8. Chocolate Pecan Pie: Chocolate anything is never a bad idea. All five layers of this pie sound absolutely amazing, which is why we鈥檙e totally making this for our next party.

9. Vegan Pad Thai: What鈥檚 for dinner? We鈥檙e voting for this Pad Thai that is full of yummy veggies and topped with a ginger dressing. Can you say yum?

10. Curry Noodles: Sometimes you need something rich and savory. And when that time comes, try making these curry noodles. We鈥檙e positive they won鈥檛 disappoint.

11. Rainbow Cake: Just because you鈥檙e eating only raw food now doesn鈥檛 mean you can鈥檛 have a delish birthday cake. This cake is just the proof you need.

12. Sandwich Sliders: Looking to add to your appetizer table for your next summer party? These sandwich sliders are a no-brainer if you ask us.

13. Mashed Potatoes: Comfort food FTW. Make these mashed potatoes that are salt-free and oil-free, yet still totally mouth-watering.

14. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: We saved the best for last. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream that is 100% raw and healthy? Yes, please.

Did this inspire you to eat fully raw? Share your thoughts and favorite recipes in the comments below.