Ever since you-know-who (Kim K) got hitched in an amazing Givenchy gown, we have been Googling Givenchy and fainting at the pricetags. Why can’t we all just buy designer clothing on a whim?! I mean yeah, it’s okay to splurge sometimes, but these gorgeous clothes are so far out of our reach it’s not even funny. But you know what is in our reach? The ability to rock copycat trends. That’s right, folks. We found 17 (affordable!!) pieces that will make you look like you just walked off the runway of a Givenchy fashion show.

1. ASOS Blazer in Crepe With Slim Lapel ($86): If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past few months, it’s that pastels are in. We’ve still got three months of summer left, everyone! It’s time to wear those light shades.

2. New Look Bandeau Jumpsuit ($35): Jumpsuits are basically fashionable onesies for adults, and we’re not complaining. Who needs separate tops and bottoms when you’ve got a fabulous jumpsuit like this one?

3. Dress The Population Lola Sequin Dress ($128): It’s bling-tastic! You’ll be stopping traffic in this sparkly number.

4. ASOS Classic Trench ($81): A classic trench is a necessity in every fashionista’s wardrobe. You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg, though. This one’s under a hundred bucks.

5. Anthropologie Koyari Tunic Dress ($158): Traditional prints are always popular during the summer months, probably because of how great they look on light and breezy fabrics. We’re totally digging the whole stripes and print combo.

6. ASOS Midi Bandeau Dress ($39): This midi is a blank canvas. Jazz it up with some fantastic jewelry, add a cool scarf… the possibilities are endless!

7. Anthropologie Botanic Blazer ($70): Loud prints are super stylish (and SUPER bold) as a suit, but we’ll take it in smaller doses, like with this Anthropologie blazer.

8. Lashes of London Sequin Shift Dress ($86): Blinged-out dress, part two. If red’s not your color, there’s always a more neutral hue for you. But who are we kidding; this dress might as well have flashing lights with all the jealous attention you’ll attract.

9. ASOS Denim Cami Dress ($61): Denim dresses are always a good idea during the summer. They’re the perfect combination of cute and casual.

10. ASOS Leather Snake Print Shift Dress ($96): If you’re like us, you’re a huge fan of animal print dresses. This one’s calling our name from the jungle.

11. River Island Lace Slim Pants ($80): Lace pants? Who woulda known! Since it’s not totally socially acceptable to walk around in see-through pants, we’ve opted for an opaque pair that are still just as trendy.

12. Doma Leather Biker Jacket ($232): Make way. Biker babe coming through. We’re totally in love with the tough yet girly feel of this jacket.

13. ASOS Linen Longline Blazer ($86): We just feel like everyone should own a white blazer, ya know? Such a classic.

14. Staple of Your Style Dress ($100): If you’re into whimsical and fun prints, this one’s for you — so very Zooey Deschanel.

15. ASOS Jumpsuit in Velvet ($67): Jumpsuits, velvet edition. It’s like a nicer version of that LBVD (little black velvet dress, that is) you used to wear to Christmas parties as a child.

16. ASOS Embellished Kimono Wrap Dress ($87): Apparently, Givenchy just can’t get enough of things that sparkle and shine. And we’re okay with that.

17. ASOS Tux Blazer in Longline ($46): Last but certainly not the least, another blazer, because everyone should own a black blazer. It’s basically your ticket into the fashion world.

Which Givenchy-inspired look would you rock? What other designer labels have you drooling over their clothes? Let us know in the comments below!