When it comes to DIY projects, there’s no one size fits all, a fact made apparent this week by some of our favorite crafty stars. For some, it means busting out that sketchpad and paper á la Raven-Symoné, while others, like Tiffani Thiessen, prefer to whittle wood (who knew?). Still others (Sarah Michelle, Audrina) show off their skill sets in the form of delicious food, and some (we’re looking at you, Nicole LaValle) make us laugh at their, um, ingenuity. And yet, they’re all artists in their own right, a source of encouragement week after week for us all to pursue our own #DIYgoals for spring. Go ahead and dive in below — you won’t want to miss these.

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar: We’re not the only ones getting DIY inspo from Instagram: SMG gives a shoutout to @onlycatsandfood for being her rainbow-bagel-with-glitter-cream-cheese birthday treat muse. So pretty!

2. Laura Prepon: She may play an inmate on Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, but in real life, “Alex Vause” is as much of a domestic goddess as they come. Here she is making almond bread (mmm!) for a get-together. “Next up, coconut almond chicken!” she shares. You go, girl!

3. Raven Symoné: Uh, guys? Raven Symoné is kind of a B.A. artist. Check out this sketch she humbly calls “practice.” “Work is important, but it’s mandatory I make my soul happy,” she shares. “I get closer to living my passion every day.”

4. Tiffani Thiessen: We knew Tiffani could cook, but we had no idea that she made her own utensils, too! This hand-carved spoon she showed off on Instagram this week was clearly whittled with love — consider us impressed, Tiff!

5. Audrina Patridge: Fresh off a dream vacay to Hawaii, soon-to-be parents Audrina and fiancé Corey Bonham made a picture-perfect meal at home courtesy of Hello Fresh.

6. Miley Cyrus: Miley simultaneously shows off her creative side and mad home décor skills with this photo, aptly captioned “Starting to look f-ing cool up in this b*tch. #moneywall.”

7. Nicole “Snooki”) LaValle: We’re not exactly sure WHAT “green” project Nicole and Jenni were trying to cook up here for Earth Day, but judging by that ear-piercing shriek, things didn’t exactly go to plan.

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I'd like to thank my dog

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8. Amanda Seyfried: After painstakingly crocheting each tiny individual square of this blanket (“I only break for Strayed,” Amanda Seyfried joked in a previous post), the actress enjoyed the fruits of her labor. Stretching out onto this homemade blanket, the Mean Girls and Big Love star joked: “I’d like to thank my dog.”

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