12 Gruyère Recipes to Make This Week
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12 Gruyère Recipes to Make This Week

Gruyère just may be the Swiss Army Key Ring Knife of the cheese world… they do hail from the same country after all. A totally multipurpose shred that works beautifully in gratins, gougères and galettes alike, it can also totally hold its own on a cheeseboard. These 12 recipes will have you reaching for your grater in no time!

1. Parsnip Gratin With Gruyère and Thyme: No potatoes allowed. Instead, peppery parsnips and nutty gruyère are layered to create an utterly pleasing side dish. (via Feasting at Home)

2. Skinny Cauliflower Mac and Cheese: A hefty helping of cauliflower lightens up this heavenly mac. You know we love our healthy comfort foods! (via Damn Delicious)

3. Slab Galette With Swiss Chard and Gruyère: Greens and gruyère create a deep emerald topping for this rustic galette fit for a crowd. Feel free to add additional toppings to your heart’s content. (via Food52)

4. French Onion Pastry Puffs: All the flavors of French onion soup are packed inside these petite puffs. (via Joy the Baker)

5. Gruyère-Crisped Potatoes Au Gratin: It’s hard to resist this creamy potato casserole topped with a generous layer of bubbling gruyère. (via The Food Charlatan)

6. DIY Cheez-Its: Our gruyère and black pepper version of a favorite childhood snack is way better than anything you can pick up in the cracker aisle. (via Brit + Co)

7. Soft Eggs With Buttery Herb Gruyère Toasts: Simple. Delicious. Everyone can manage to make this tasty combo. Earn extra points with the one you love by serving it as breakfast-in-bed. (via Smitten Kitchen)

8. Coquilles St-Jacques (Gratinéed Scallops): This is an outrageously luscious way to prepare scallops, and a good recipe for beginners to start developing a taste for the sweet seafood. (via Saveur)

9. Mushroom Croque Monsieur: Top these brunch-worthy sandwiches with an egg to create a whole new dish: the croque madame! (via Bon Appétit)

10. Caramelized Onion, Gruyère and Bacon Spread: Whoa. We’re wishing hard for a skillet of this spread to manifest itself in front of our faces IRL. (via Breanna’s Recipe Box)

11. Gougères (Cheese Puffs): These etherial, cheesy bites are a perfect party snack — bet you can’t eat just one! (via Saveur)

12. Tomato Cobbler: Savory cobbler = mind blown. Herbed gruyère biscuits are spooned atop a roasted tomato and caramelized onion filling. (via Smells Like Home)

What type of gruyère do you go for? Mellow and young or the nuttier, cave-aged varieties? Make our mouths water below!