There’s less than a month to go until what is arguably going to be one of, if not THE biggest, most important presidential elections we’ve ever witnessed. From Twitter tantrums to #Trumpkins, things seem to be getting stranger by the second, and we don’t have to tell you that, come November 8? Every. single. vote. will count.

Young female holds 'Vote!' sign at polling place

Brit + Co has teamed up with some of nation’s leading women’s media brands to make sure your vote is heard through #OurVoteCounts, but we’re not the only ones doing our part to make sure you get to a polling station. Social media giants Twitter and Snapchat, to name a few, are on a mission to make registering easier than ever, but perhaps no company has been as committed to the cause as Google.

In addition to simplifying the registration process and letting you know exactly how to vote in your state, Google will now also tell you WHERE you can vote and WHO your polling candidates are.

Updating and revamping its search engine results, the search engine mogul has made it so that you can easily find your polling station location by simply typing in a question, like “Where’s my polling place?” After tapping in the address you used to register, Google will present you with the results (in both English and Spanish, no less), instantly eliminating any excuses not to get out there and vote.

What’s more, you can also delve more into the backgrounds of lesser known candidates for smaller offices you might not be as familiar with: a Godsend for those of us who have been so preoccupied with the national election, we may have overlooked the local one. Just key “Who’s on my ballot?”into good old Google to pull up their information. If you’re curious to know more about any single individual, you can select their name to learn about them — an awesome (and super helpful) feature to help you decide which candidate(s) you’ll be supporting.

Consider Google this year’s ultimate voting fairy godmother!

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(h/t Mashable, photo via Joe Raedle/Getty)