All Dads like to *think* they are techy, but yours has been hacking your home to be smarter since the first time he watched Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Anything electronic and anything he can control from his smartphone are just about his favorite things EVER so it’s time to take his gadget game to the next level with some high-tech gifts this Father’s Day. From wearables to smart home devices, these will *more* than satisfy his need to geek out. Spoiler alert: Some are so futuristic, they’re still on pre-order. Nothing an IOU can’t fix ;)


1. ecobee3 ($229 promo price for limited time, regular retail $249): Dad is gonna love this smarter WiFi thermostat from the moment he unwraps it. Not only is the device easy to install, (making even the less tech proficient fathers out there feel like they’re a pro!) but it also works with remote sensors (one is included with the thermostat) to help address cold and hot spots throughout the various rooms of your home. Ecobee3 + the device’s app gives him serious control to make the entire home comfortable right from his recliner throne. Best part is, your dad will get to save on that monthly energy bill as well. You may just start a smarter thermostat revolution in the neighborhood after he starts bragging about that perk ;)

withings active

2. Withings Activité ($450): The Apple Watch was so early 2015 — get your dad a streamlined, ultra luxe “I can’t believe that’s a smartwatch” smartwatch like Withings’ Swiss made activity tracker that will encourage action by day and better sleep at night. With sapphire glass, stainless steel accents and a leather band, it’s super stylish too.


3. Countertop ($200): The smart kitchen countertop is here and your Pop is definitely gonna want to make room for it next to the cutting board. Not only will this super smart kitchen device offer up meal ideas based on the time of day and activity, but it also works to improve lifestyle choices and aims to meet your nutritional needs as well.


4. OMsignal ($249): If your old man hasn’t found any success with an old-fashioned personal trainer, the smart workout shirt may be his solution. Have him throw on this fitness-of-the-future biometric compression top during a workout or while at the office to measure his heart rate, breathing, calories and so much more. His fashion and health will be upgraded all in one gift.


5. Cinder ($499): While your chef Dad won’t be able to get his hands on this genius cooking machine until early 2016 you can get him pumped about it by talking it up — and passing the time using that old school grill ;) Once he finally gets his hands on it, he’ll be able to present evenly heated meals every single time thanks to this smart grill.


6. littleBits Deluxe Kit ($199): Give the gift of making with one of these techy hacker kits. With opportunities to transform that modern home into a smart one by connecting the essential circuits and motors, you’ll be providing your father hours of entertainment and creativity.

slatepro techdesk

7. SlatePro ($499): This is the perfect desk for the tech Dad. All of his smart devices will be organized for him and there to serve up stocks, stats and forwards from his friends. Sounds like an ideal piece of furniture — right, Pops?

Nomiku Sous Vide

8. Nomiku Sous Vide ($299): Get your pops to the pro chef level he’s always dreamed about with this compact immersion circulator. With very little effort — setting up a pot of water + a bag of ingredients, then walking away — he’ll be Top Chef ready in no time.

phantom 2 photography drone

9. Phantom 2 Photography Drone ($959-$1,169): If your tech-savvy Dad has been eyeing a drone, this is the one for him — especially if he’s already got a GoPro. This flying photo taker will quickly and efficiently take his images sky high with stunning quality.

mr coffee

10. Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker ($150): No more running to the coffee machine with groggy eyes in the AM for Dad. This coffeemaker can prep a cup from the comfort of the bed via its connected app. Then once dressed and ready to head out the door, all that needs to be done is a pour.

Synek Draft System

11. Synek Draft System ($299): If he thinks his Keurig is cool and he likes beer (he definitely likes beer), this “Keurig for brewskis” machine will be a dream come true for the homebrewing dad in your life. Since it won’t be available until later this summer, gift him with that IOU and some DIY labels for his future first batch.


12. Hue ($20-$200): This is the only lightbulb Dad needs. And he needs them in every room. After installing the bulbs and setting up the app that lets him control them from his smartphone, he’ll be able to create endless lighting schemes in a rainbow of shade. We bet you can’t wait for the grand tour of Dad’s smartly lit home, can you?

ue megaboom

13. UE Mega Boom ($300): Give him the gift of wirelessly portable music and podcasts with this awesome speaker. With 360 degree sound, deep bass, easy Bluetooth connectivity to one or multiple devices and plenty of battery life, the party will always start when Dad walks through the door.


14. iGrill2 ($100): A grill isn’t a grill without a thermometer. Make sure Dad takes care of those prepped meats with a smart thermometer that will text him when dinner’s ready.


15. Fogo ($89-$549): This “digital Swiss army knife” is for the techy adventuring Dad. Packed into this gadget is a flashlight, GPS for directions and tracking that journey, a walkie talkie and various apps.


16. Drop ($100): Say goodbye to baking fails forever with this smart kitchen scale. Its corresponding recipe app will resize or suggest substitute ingredients to ensure a perfect result every time no matter what you have (or don’t!) in the pantry.

What high tech gadget will you be gifting your Dad this Father’s Day? Let us know in the comments (after June 21, of course ;)

This post is a collaboration with ecobee