While rice is delicious in every form, from rice bowls to rice noodles to sushi burgers, it’s deeply satisfying when it’s served up in congee. The Asian import — a DIY rice porridge — is the perfect opportunity to use up that *leftover* rice, since it has a higher starch content which adds extra creaminess to the dish. Here are 14 congee recipes that show you how it’s done.

1. Slow-Cooker Ginger Chicken Congee: This recipe calls for just three key ingredients and is made in the slow cooker while you get other stuff done. (via Kitchn)

2. Congee (Chinese Rice Porridge): A lot of congee recipes call for bone-in meat, but dried shiitake mushrooms make a gorgeously chewy and flavorful substitute. Toppings like green onions, cilantro, sesame seeds, soy sauce, Sriracha, and a few drops of toasted sesame oil will give it a multi-dimensional flavor. (via It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken)

3. Congee With Miso Sauce: This recipe calls for miso, which layers in an umami dimension. (via Playful Cooking)

4. Ham Rice Porridge (Ham Congee): Bookmark this congee for a day-after Easter meal. It will take that leftover ham bone and make a second feast of it. (via Roti ‘n’ Rice)

5. Congee (Rice Porridge): If you HEART savory foods in the morning, try a breakfast congee that’s 100 percent vegan. Plus, it tastes just as delicious for lunch or dinner. (via Vegan Heaven)

6. Seafood Congee: When it comes to congee, simplest is often best. This recipe is flavored with just a handful of dried scallops and a few pieces of shrimp. It has such a rich flavor, it’s hard to believe it’s made with just water, not homemade stock. (via Omnivore’s Cookbook)

7. Ginger Chicken Brown Rice Congee: Congee is a *healing* meal, and this brown rice version calls for lots of the natural superfood ginger. Next time you feel a cold coming on, start some congee on your back-burner and you’ll be feeling good as new in no time. (via Gather & Dine)

8. Congee With Homemade Broth: This congee is a great budget meal, because just a cup of rice makes a whole pot of soup. Top yours up with whatever fixins you have in the fridge and it’s all good. (via The Nomadic Wife)

9. Slow Cooker Rotisserie Chicken Congee: Don’t toss that leftover rotisserie chicken carcass — unless you’re *tossing* it into the slow cooker. Start it in the morning and those leftovers will become a comforting meal by lunchtime. (via Roti ‘n’ Rice)

10. Vegetarian Brown Rice Congee With Tempeh: If you haven’t tried tempeh yet, this version fried in sesame oil is a great place to start. (via Avocado a Day Nutrition)

11. Mom’s Pork Bone Congee: You’ll want to make this recipe in the biggest pot in your cooking arsenal, so there will be plenty of leftovers to reheat the next day. Pro tip: Salt the pork bones overnight before cooking and you’ll have yourself a flavor bomb for sure. (via The Woks of Life)

12. Chicken and Ginger Congee (Rice Porridge): Anyone who grew up eating congee will tell you they *crave* it anytime they’re feeling under the weather. This three-ingredient recipe is easy to cook, even if you’re feeling low-energy, and it’s as comforting as a warm blanket and fleecy pajamas — which might also be what you wear while you’re eating it. (via The Worktop)

13. Cozy, Comforting Congee: While you’re scrounging the fridge for delicious toppings, don’t overlook the egg. A protein-rich poached egg is the real star of this show. (via One Lovely Life)

14. Instant Pot Congee (Jook): If you don’t have time for slow-cooking methods that break down the rice to the right porridge-y creaminess, you can fast-track this recipe in your Instant Pot. Don’t leave out the little dash of Sriracha for an extra shot of zing to your taste buds. (via Budget Bytes)

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