For those occasions when a sundae just won’t do, turn to these 12 recipes for ice cream bombes. Basically an ice cream layer cake shaped like a dome, cutting into one of these babies table-side is sure to impress. While each is outstanding as-is, if you care to take them to the next level, go ahead and churn up some ice cream to put your own extra homemade spin on things.

1. Coffee Caramel Ice Cream Bombe: Fans of caramel mochas will love digging into this bombe. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

2. Hazelnut Praline Bombe: Add a little extra hazelnut oomph by a drizzling on warmed nutella. (via Poires au Chocolat)

3. Tres Leches Bombe Alaska: A great excuse to get those torches out! (via One Bite More)

4. Blueberry Ice Cream Mini Cakes: We’re loving these personal-sized bombes — after all, who can resist a mini dessert? (via El invitado de invierno)

5. Chocolate Mousse Cookie Dough Bombe: Let’s break this one down. Ganache, cookie dough, chocolate mousse, more cookie dough and a brownie base are all layered together to form this stunning ice cream cake. (via Sprinkle Bakes)

6. Chocolate-Peanut Butter Bombes: Peanut butter cups in ice cream form? Sign us up. (via Milk and Honey)

7. Ice Cream Bombe: No ice cream here! Various sorbets and sherbets are layered to create one colorful slice. (via Food Network)

8. Tim Tam Bombe: Click over to learn how to make a delish malted chocolate-vanilla bombe drizzled with a DIY magic shell topping. (via Not Quite Nigella)

9. Banana Split Bombe: Tucked underneath layers of vanilla, pistachio and chocolate ice cream is a banana cake! (via Martha Stewart)

10. Mississippi Mud Swiss Swirl Ice Cream Cake: Slices of homemade, whipped cream-filled Swiss roll are nestled together to create the exterior layer of this stunning cake. (via Sticky Gooey Creamy Chewy)

11. Almond Joy Ice Cream Bombe: Our recipe reimagines a favorite candy bar to create one irresistible ice cream bombe. (via Brit + Co)

12. Snickers Chocolate Ice Cream Bombe Cake: Prefer peanuts and caramel to almonds and coconut? Make this layered dessert chockfull of Snickers instead! (via Eugenie Kitchen)

Are you game for trying these sundae alternatives? Share the latest scoop with us in the comments!