We all know “that girl.” The chick who’s always impeccably styled out on her commute to work (she’s no doubt nailed that 10-minute hair hack, too), and the thought of asking her if she’s got a fashion blog you can follow is just too much to handle. But soon, with the help of Kate Bosworth, admiring her outfit from afar won’t result in dead-end Pinterest searches that lead to serious fashion envy. The actress-turned-style icon — and now tech entrepreneur — wants to help you steal her style with her brand-new snap-and-shop app.

According to a Women’s Wear Daily profile, Bosworth is partnering with American Rag Cie co-owner Larry Russ to launch Style Thief, an app that lets you track down + buy the most covetable styles you see IRL just by snapping a photo of it with your phone. Now you don’t have to wonder where your street style muse found that so-chic bomber jacket or secured that *gasp* wearable wearable — use Style Thief to bag that same item in real time.

“Understanding how to refine search for customers is, I think, something on the forefront of tech and fashion” said Bosworth, and it seems like a pretty dead-on assessment. Style startups aren’t just making it their mission to streamline the online shopping experience, but apps like ASAP54, Style-Eyes and now, Style Thief is aiming to overhaul the way we shop altogether. Who needs to step foot in a crowded store or scour websites when you can source your head-to-toe look wherever you + your phone may roam? We love the idea of using our peers — real women — for style inspo vs. Photoshopped campaigns and mall mannequins. And of course, we wouldn’t mind stealing a thing or two from Kate’s closet. With two Topshop collabs and monthly jewelry launches on JewelMint under her belt, she seems like the perfect first ST target.

So would you steal Kate’s style with her Style Thief app? Who would you style stalk with this new technology in your hands? Tell us in the comments below.

(h/t The Cut, photos via WWD)