No doubt, there’s nothing cuter than a small child giving another one a valentine. Whether it’s a handful of candy or a kiss on the cheek or even a small handmade card, this is the time of year when you’re totally allowed to break out the camera and snap as many cute photos of your little ones as possible. Instead of embarrassing your kids in front of their crushes or paying a small fortune for baby pics, stage your own fun DIY photo shoot this year. Here are some of our favorite ideas that are a little bit sweet, a little bit edgy and 100% awesome.

Valentines-day-baby-photo-heart glasses

1. Heart Glasses: Sometimes all you need to up the cuteness factor are a few accessories. Pick up some babe-sized heart glasses and a li’l v-day onesie for a simply adorable pic. (via Bodh Photography)


2. Paper Heart Kisses: Have your kiddo blow paper heart kisses this Valentine’s Day. Simple to DIY and always charming, this photo backdrop will create pics you cherish for years to come. (via Jenny Rae Keller)


3. Balloons: We can’t even deal with how cute this tiny tot is. And the red and pink balloons really take it to the next level. Bonus points if you use heart-shaped balloons. (via BonBon Rose Girls)


4. Pink, Pink, Pink: Tutu? Check. Pink garland backdrop? Check. Pink flowery headband? Check. Perfect photo op? Check and check. (via Millionayres)


5. Pucker Up: Your little heartbreaker may not be close to snagging the boys (or girls) just yet, but this chalkboard announcement board is a good place to start. (via Esther Dorotik)


6. Candy Hearts: Let your favorite tiny person’s spunky personality shine with a silly candy heart pic. Have them choose their favorite phrase and go wild. (via Praise Wedding)


7. Kissing Booth: We know the last thing you want to think about is your child getting older and kissing other people, but this adorable booth might be too hard to pass up. After all, they have to start somewhere, right? (via Indulgy)


8. Dream of Love: Your newest addition deserves a heart-filled moment in the spotlight. This “balloon” backdrop is a cinch to set up during nap time. (via Piccsy)


9. Stylish Little Man: If you can get your tot to sit still long enough to snap a photo like this one, major kudos to you, supermom. (via Heather Neal)


10. XOXO, Gossip Girl: This kind of shoot is a great option if you want to display some sweet photos of your child online without compromising their privacy. The final look is Internet-appropriate and perfect for sharing. (via Pear Tree Greetings)


11. Marquee Lady: A spattering of lights and a heart-shaped marquee give this photo shoot an ethereal feel — perfect for a young and spritely girl to take center stage. (via Project 52)


12. Mama’s Boy: Don’t worry, those arm tattoos are totally fake. But man, they sure are cute for this mama’s little heartthrob! (via The Lovebugs)


13. Girl Power: Who says girls have to wait around for boys to give them valentines? This Hunger Games-eque photo shoot gives all the power to the little lady with the bow and arrow. (via Crave Photography)


14. Sugar Rush: Instead of asking your kids to “say cheese,” get them to break out their biggest grins for some giant pink lollipops. Here’s the sweet deal: They can eat ’em after for a treat if they let you snap some photos first. (via Pear Tree Greetings)

Which of these photo shoots is your favorite? Do you have any tips for getting kids to pose for Valentine’s Day pictures? Talk to us in the comments.