The big day is almost here, and that means one thing for you and your babes — it’s time to plan the best night of the century. The bride-to-be is in the middle of wedding planning, and you’re the one in charge of the bachelorette party. But with limited time, some serious prep needs to happen fast. We’re giving you a handy little checklist for some of the less-obvious elements of your party-planning job.

Bridesmaids and Bride celebrate

1. Set a budget. Items like custom fees and other charges can add up quickly, and no one likes *those* last-minute surprises. Decide ahead of time how you’re splitting certain activities or delegate final bills to just a few people that feel comfortable with everyone Venmo-ing them later.

2. Make a guest list. Before you start sending invites addressed to “College Roommate Caroline” or “Childhood Friend Fran,” ask the bride-to-be for full names of everyone she wants in attendance. This will also help you to decode RSVPs and get personalized supplies for everyone to celebrate the night away.

3. Keep it local. Since you’re limited on time, ask the bride if she has a specific local spots in mind, or start following the travel pros on social to find out the best places in town they’ve ever been. Some of your crew’s going to fly no matter what, but providing a central location will keep it simple.

4. Send out the invites. After deciding on the location, it’s time to let the squad in on the big bash. Along with the invites of when and where, go ahead and include the bachelorette games and bridal gifts deets, as well as packing list recommendations and appropriate attire for chosen spots.

5. Pick a fun theme. Come up with two or three party themes for the night (or the whole weekend!), then let the other guests vote for their favorite choices so that they can factor in their work and life schedules. This will also make everyone feel involved in the planning process.

6. Gather the supplies. Aside from festive decor, matching temp tats, and plenty of bubbly, you’ll want to have some *not lame* games on hand to get the epic night started. If you’re heading to a beach, pack at least two extra pairs of sunnies. Going to ski-town instead? Go ahead and add those extra-warm leggings to cart.

7. Have a signature drink. Whether you go for an ocean-view vacation home, camping in the desert, or simply hitting every local bar in town, there’s one thing you’re definitely going to need: a special cocktail! Create a signature bachelorette weekend drink with your bride-to-be’s fave beverages in mind, and practice mixing ‘em up ahead of time.

8. Compile the photos. Pics are a must for bachelorette parties and the bride-to-be is going to want to remember this night forever. Whether you’re uploading them as you take them or creating a bachelorette party hashtag for all your Insta posts, you’ll need a system in place so you can always go back and relive the amazing girls’ weekend. Here are some great options.

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