We don’t mind taking a bit of advice from style guru Lauren Conrad. Take a peek into her fabulous Beverly Hills home and you’ll see the girl knows what she’s talking about when she gives decorating and lifestyle tips. Obviously your space should truly be a reflection of you and what you think is important, but LC shared with Elle 15 things she thinks every woman should have in her apartment by age 30. Instead of turning this list into a big shopping spree, we decided to see what things on the list we could DIY (obviously). Check out the awesome buys and DIYs below!


1. A Flea Market Find: There is nothing more satisfying than prowling around a flea market and finding some serious treasures. Unless you count the satisfaction you’ll get from refinishing it into something completely stylish. (via Brit + Co)


2. A Beautiful Area Rug: A good-sized area rug can by pretty pricey, which is why it is way more fun to DIY the perfect rug. And it doesn’t take too much sewing, so don’t panic. Focus on how amazing it will look when it’s laid out in your very grown-up living room. (via Brit + Co)


3. A Living Thing: If “living” doesn’t include something with fur just yet, why not try growing an indoor herb garden? Indoor plants are great for cleaning the air and might even make you more productive. Bring on the good vibes and show off your green thumb. (via Brit + Co)


4. Cake Stand ($20): By age 30, you may or may not have mastered the layered cake. Either way, you need a stylish cake stand in your arsenal. Cute and feminine, the mint frills on this stand help draw the eye away from any frosting mishaps you may encounter.


5. A Set of Wine Glasses ($5 each): They say wine is a girl’s best friend (oh, they don’t say that?), so maybe it’s time to stop drinking it out of a cup and pour it into a proper glass. And now, a toast to your maturity and all the health benefits of that fine rosé.


6. A Dedicated Workspace: Everyone needs a designated workspace, even if you just tuck it into the spare closet. It’s also important to have a workspace you can step away from at the end of the day. Just think of all those awesome desk accessories you’ll get to pick out. (via The Design Files)


7. A Sewing Kit: When an emergency hits, you’ll be grateful you had the foresight to put together a little sewing kit. Grab an empty jar and fill it with a few buttons, pins, safety pins, a thimble and a tape measure. (via Something Turquoise)


8. A Set of Matching Dishes ($64 for 4): Maybe this is the year you finally throw the dinner party of your dreams, or maybe you just want a few matching plates for you and your S.O. Remember, “matching” doesn’t have to mean “boring,” so have fun picking out dishes that are totally in sync with your personality.


9. A Good Selection of Coffee Table Books ($23): The key to a perfectly styled coffee table is a hefty stack of colorful and inspiring coffee table books. From exotic travels to decor porn, these books will give you and your guests plenty to flip through.


10. A Sharp Kitchen Knife ($10): A big set of chef’s knives is something to save up for. In the meantime, please throw out those dull old knives and pick up a few of these colorful beauties. Your fingers and that tomato you’re slaughtering will thank you.


11. A Reliable Vacuum ($460): Yeah, we’re pretty sure you already have one of these guys, but it doesn’t hurt to upgrade.


12. Scented Candles ($22): Set the tone of the day by making your house smell amazing. Natural brands like Penelope use only essential oils and none of that icky paraffin stuff. Orange, patchouli, violet leaves, jasmine, neroli, mimosa and sandalwood — now that’s the scent of maturity.


13. A Coffeemaker ($32-$48): It’s time to bid adieu to that old coffeemaker you inherited from your college roommate. You don’t have to invest in an expensive espresso maker to call yourself an adult. A cold brew set or one of those shiny copper Chimex pots will do the job nicely.


14. A Vase for Fresh Flowers: Treat yourself to flowers on a weekly basis and make sure you have a pretty vase to put them in. This gold-dipped vase is especially striking because it doesn’t require a lot of stems to make a big impact.


15. A Good Mattress: Getting a good night’s sleep will make those Monday morning blues way more bearable. If you dread the thought of walking into a mattress store, check out these companies that make choosing “the one” as painless a process as possible.

What would you add to this “must have” list? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

(h/t Elle; featured photo via Dave Kotinsky/Getty)