Whether we’re using ’em to make salads for work, creative not salads for the weekend or decorations for a spooky time, mason jars reign supreme in our hearts. And while a regular mason jar is a great standby, there’s more than just one type of jar out there, especially if you’re poking around the Brit + Co shop. Not to pick favorites, but these are totally our eight favorite finds in the jarring world of jars. Hardy, jar, jar.

1. Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker ($29): Sorry, salads. This is our new favorite use for a mason jar. Shake, shake, shake your way to a delicious cocktail, while looking so hip and cool.

2. Gold Mason Jar Mugs + Straws ($62): While drinking out of mason jars isn’t entirely new, this set is just too cute to pass up. You get 12 jars, complete with multi-color paper straws and funky lids. We see a picnic in our future.

3. Complete Soy Wax Mason Jar Candle Kit ($70): The heat is on with this DIY kit. You’ll have everything you need to make 12 scented candles in a bunch of colors. With the holidays fast approaching, this could be the best investment ever. It would be soy much fun to gift your loved ones a cool candle.

4. Garden Jars ($80): Our green thumb is green with envy over this fresh spin on jars. Grow your very own basil, parsley, cilantro and oregano in these colorful, vintage mason jars. All you have to do is add water, and then it’s herb time.

5. Expletive: Seaglass Wooden Wick Soy Candle ($40): We swear you’ll love this candle’s multi-purpose usage. First step: Burn the candle to fill your house with a fresh ocean scent. After you burn it all down, clean the jar, and it becomes your very own handy swear jar. It even has a lid to insert your money.

6. Kombucha Home Brew Kit ($45): Gone are the days of $4 kombuchas. This brew kit is everything you need to get started at home, so you can end up with delicious kombucha you just can’t find in stores.

7. Mason Jar Speaker ($65): We hear ya loud and clear: Music is your jam. Speaking of jam, this jar is jammin’ in your non-traditional mason jar jam kinda way. This portable speaker is great for your phone, laptop and even your electric guitar amp.

8. Party in a Jar ($22): The name says it all. Bring this jar anywhere to get the party started (and then some). With a velvet crown, balloons and confetti, we bet you’ll make up any excuse to bust this mason jar out.

How do you use your jars in cool and creative new ways? Tell us in the comments below.