Millennials Share Their Most-Treasured Holiday Traditions
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Millennials Share Their Most-Treasured Holiday Traditions

At the heart of many of our favorite things about the holiday season — comfort food, marathon Christmas decorating sessions, cheerful holiday movies and giving (or receiving!) the perfect gifts — there’s often one common theme: tradition. The holidays may not bring a sentimental tear to your eye, but you’re still bound to do at least some reflection before the end of the year about the rituals that are most meaningful to you. Thanks to the anonymous social chatter app Yik Yak, we’re taking a peek at the holiday traditions that millennials totally heart.

Just like they did for Thanksgiving, Yik Yak recently prompted its users to share their most cherished holiday memories. Take a break from wrapping all of those gifts, and scroll down to read responses from 22 holiday-ready millennials.

THEY can’t miss binging CLASSIC Christmas Movies

THEY seriously Love christmas lights

THEY have some wacky, beloved Holiday meal traditions

THEY LOVE NOTHING MORE than chillin’ at home

THEY cherish Family bonding time

THEY Even Love the Less-Than-Jolly Time Spent With Family

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