With just a few days to go before New Year’s Eve, if you’re anything like us, you’re probably trying on a few sparkly dresses, ordering enough bubbly to go around and brainstorming an extra-festive sweet treat for all your guests. Whether you choose sultry chocolate or smooth caramel, we vote for cake… a sparkly cake! NYE requires more glitter and shine than any other day of the year. After you’re done picking out your flavors and DIYing a photo booth prop or two, take a peek at these 10 tips for decorating your New Year’s Eve cake.


1. Tinsel Toppers: Sneak a few bits of tinsel off the tree to create these fun, tinsel cake toppers. They’re like sparkly gold pom poms, ready to cheer you on for the new year. (via Ruffled)


2. Champagne Cupcakes: Along with the champagne jello shots and the glasses of the bubbly, make these champagne cupcakes, and add some gold sprinkles on top. (via 52 Kitchen Adventures)


3. Marzipan Ring Cake: This marzipan ring cake is a tradition in Denmark. With so many layers to eat, this unique dessert will wow your guests. (via Nordic Food and Living)


4. Sparklers Topper: Who says sparklers are just for the Fourth of July? Use those crackling lights start the new year off right — with a bit of sparkle. (via Style Me Pretty)


5. Edible Glitter: Sandwiching icing between cupcakes is a spectacular idea, but add some edible glitter, and those cupcakes will be ready for prime time. (via The Little Big Company)


6. Metallic Fringe Toppers: Since indoor fireworks aren’t exactly safe, no matter what your kiddos might try to tell you, the next best thing are these metallic fringe toppers. (via One Lovely)

spun sugar

7. Spun Sugar Topping: Top your champagne cupcakes with homemade spun sugar, and you will become the belle of the ball… or your kitchen. (via The Curvy Carrot)


8. Gold Confetti Cake: It’s no secret that we love confetti. So while we’re scattering it on the table, we might as well put some on the cake too. (via Christine Meintjes)

sparkly topper

9. Sparkly Cake Topper: And you thought those metallic pipe cleaners were just for kids. Add a clear stray and DIY your way to topper perfection. (via Say Yes)

brit topper

10. Script Cake Topper ($64): Of course, you could always just buy a bomb-diggity cake topper like this one. Cake that encourages everyone to keep partying? We’re all about it.

How will you be topping your cake this New Year’s Eve? Tell us below!