Now that the sunny weather is *finally* beginning to roll in, we’ve decided to give our outdoor space a fresh spring makeover. Along with sprucing up our patio decor and helping our kids grow their first garden, we’re also investing in a few outdoor games in hopes of inspiring the kiddos (and adults!) in our lives to ditch their technology and enjoy the great outdoors. Here are 10 totally DIYable outdoor games that’ll make your backyard carnival-level fun.

1. DIY Cornhole Game: Nothing beats a classic game like cornhole. With just a few basic materials (including plywood, paint, hinges, fabric, dry beans, and a few extras) you can DIY this nostalgic game in less than four hours. Not bad for a game you can play literally FOREVER! (via Lovely Indeed)

2. DIY Lawn Checkers: When Jessie Jane of Lily Shop walked past the orange paint lids at Home Depot, she instantly saw them as giant checkers pieces for her front lawn. Although the astro turf rug is super handy for creating a long-lasting game, you can also save yourself the $100 and use tape or lawn paint as an easy no-fuss hack. (via Lily Shop)

3. DIY Lawn Dominoes: This super simple DIY is definitely one you should bookmark ASAP. All you have to do is cut, sand, stencil, and paint the dominoes, and you’ll have a competitive game that’ll keep kiddos and kids-at-heart entertained for hours on end. (via Iron and Twine)

4. Alice in Wonderland Croquet Set: Seriously, we’re *always* dreaming of escaping to Wonderland. Whether you’re throwing an Alice-themed party or just want to add a little whimsy to your outdoor space, this simple-to-create DIY will make your backyard so fun, we can almost guarantee you’ll be running late for your very important dates. (via Damask Love for Home Depot)

5. DIY Donut Piñata: We strongly believe that you’re never too old for a piñata stuffed with candy (diets be damned). This *gorgeous* DIY donut piñata instantly puts a smile on our faces. Trust us; your lady squad will enjoy it just as much as the tots. (via Studio DIY)

6. Tabletop Mini-Golf Game: While setting up a real golf course in your backyard would be awesome, we’re taking things slow and crafting a tabletop version first. Using felt, paper, wooden dowels, and a few extras, you can get really creative by making your own obstacles with things you have around the house. Plus, if the weather suddenly changes, you can easily pick the game up and take it to your kitchen table to continue the fun indoors. (via Oh Happy Day)

7. Diamond Washer Game: If you’re a little more skilled at woodworking, this DIY toss game is definitely one to try. Not only is it completely portable when packed up, but it’s also mega addicting and will last for a very long time. (via A Beautiful Mess)

8. DIY Pipe Sprinkler: If you’re one of the lucky few who live in a really hot area, check out this sweet DIY pipe sprinkler before the next heat wave. Instead of using PVC pipe, this DIY lady decided to use galvanized pipe instead, and the results are incredible. (via A Ruffled Life)

9. DIY Beanbag Toss Game: This DIY toss game is the perfect activity to get your kids off the couch this spring. Not only is it ridiculously easy to make (you don’t even need to sew a single stitch), but it’s also super customizable and an awesome way to spend a sunny afternoon. (via Oh Joy)

10. Giant Memory Game: Using just a sewing kit, some cardboard, and theater curtains from IKEA, create a giant memory game that your young kids will love all spring long. (via IKEA)

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