Americans l.o.v.e. their chips (and dip!). Seriously, nothing beats a salt and vinegar Cape Cod or a crinkled and crispy ruffled Lays… or so we thought. Although the potato certainly monopolizes the chip scene, we’ve discovered 17 no-potato chip recipes that are, well, pretty fantastic and much healthier. Try one of these potato chip alternatives next time you’re craving something crunchy for a guilt-free snack that is still oh-so satisfying.

1. Cinnamon Carrot Chips With Honey Yogurt Dip: We can’t wait to crunch away on these thin, crispy and cinnamon-y carrot chips! (via In Sock Monkey Slippers)

2. Spicy Baked Taro Chips: These taro chips pack a punch thanks to the chili powder and cayenne combo. (via Confessions of a Bake-aholic)

3. Lemon Pepper Pita Chips With Feta Dip: All of the magical flavors of Greece exist in this one simple chip and dip recipe. Oh, holy chip gods, we thank you! (via Aggie’s Kitchen)

4. Baked Zucchini Chips: All these chips need are some sea salt and pepper, and you’re good to go! (via Sugar Apron)

5. Zesty Baked Kale Chips: Here’s a classic kale chip recipe—because you can’t have a chip roundup without some leafy green kale. (via Brit + Co)

6. Sweet Potato Chips: The potato’s sweet sibling shouldn’t be eaten only on Thanksgiving. Try out these sweet and salty chips on, say, next Monday? (via Brit + Co)

7. Eggplant Chips With Cilantro Pesto: Eggplant + pesto is always a good idea. (via Cupcakes OMG)

8. Cinnamon Sugar Radish Chips: If you’re craving something that’s simultaneously earthy, spicy and just a little bit sweet, cinnamon sugar radish chips are the ticket. (via Pinch of Yum)

9. Homemade Baked Tortilla Chips: Homemade chips and salsa are WAY better than all that salty store bought stuff. (via Love Grows Wild)

10. Beet Chips With Aioli: Your guests will love you forever when you serve up these thinly sliced beet chips with garlicky aioli. (via Cannelle et Vanille)

11. Spiced Apple Chips: A good apple chip goes a long way. Snack on them solo or use them to scoop up fresh fruit salad. (via Brit + Co)

12. Banana Chips: Banana chips are a fantastic addition to homemade trail mix or granola. Bake up these bad boys, and crumple them into your favorite breakfast bowl. (via Naturally Ella)

13. Spinach Chips: Spinach chips?! We didn’t even know this was possible! (via Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth)

14. Sesame-Garlic Nori Chips: These paleo snackables are cholesterol-free and full of vitamin A. Let’s start snackin’ smart, people! (via Pop Sugar)

15. Turnip Chips: Baked turnip chips are a fantastic potato chip alternative, and they’re so much healthier than any fried snack you can grab at a convenience store. (via The Lemon Bowl)

16. Cinnamon Pear Chips: You’ve had apple chips, but we bet you’ve never tried pear chips before! Happy crunching! :) (via Finger Prickin’ Good)

17. Homemade Chocolate Chips: Bonus chips! “Made from scratch” just got a whole new meaning! Take your choco chip cookies to the next level by making them with homemade chocolate chips. (via Real Food. Real Deals.)

What no-potato chip recipe are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments!