There’s nothing quite like getting real mail. No — we’re not talking about bills or catalogs you never asked for or jury duty notices (ew). We’re talking about the envelopes you see leaning up against the side of your mailbox that are chock full of something that’s only meant to make your day better: cards! Sometimes they’re expected, and sometimes (and these are the best times) they’re a total surprise. We know you want to make more surprise mailbox moments like this happen for your best friend or any loved one. So we’re here to help.

Girl getting a card.

Cards are good for more than just birthdays and national holidays, and sending one to a friend on some other occasion is a surefire way to make her feel special and loved. If you find that you’re having trouble expressing yourself verbally face-to-face, a card is a great option for you. According to a survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of American Greetings, in January 2018, 32 percent of American adults said that cards help them communicate their thoughts and feelings better than they would’ve on their own. Twenty-seven percent of the women polled in the same survey said that receiving a card meant more to them than getting a gift. Translation? A thoughtful card gives you a platform to get really real with a friend and make them feel more appreciated than you’d even realize.

We fully support cards (and why not DIY stationery while you’re at it?) any day of the year, but if you’re looking for specifics, here are some prime card-sending moments that can only help bring your BFF and you closer together.

1. First Day at a New Job: The recipe for a perfect first day at the office? Plenty of confidence, a great new pair of shoes, tons of killer ideas ready to impress the boss, and some encouraging words from your bestie. Make sure your friend is equipped with the former before she starts the new gig.

2. Your Friend-aversary: You remember the day you and your BFF shared your first meeting like it was yesterday — and even if you don’t, you can’t imagine what your life would look like if that day never happened. Take a minute to remind your pal how grateful you are that you found each other!

3. After a Breakup: Put pen to paper with some thoughts about how fantastic your friend is and how much she deserves to find true love. Bonus points for a cute puppy or kitten, or something to make them remember what’s really important in life, like this LitPaperCo “Fries Before Guys” cCrd ($5).

4. The Day After the Finale of Her Favorite Show: Only you can understand how heartbroken your bestie is when she can’t hang out with Jack and Rebecca Pearson for a few months, or how confused she’s going to feel on Monday nights when The Bachelor goes on hiatus — and only you can ever-so-kindly make fun of her TV addictions. Drop a lighthearted condolence card in the mail.

5. A Random March Monday: It’s a truth universally acknowledged that March is one of the worst months of the year (unless it’s your birthday month… in that case, happy birthday!). The holidays are long gone and the true kickoff to summer is still tantalizingly far away. Offer a much-needed boost with a “just because” message before the month ends.

6. National Best Friend Day: Need we say more? National Best Friend Day will be observed on June 8, and your bestie deserves to be recognized with something she can hang on her fridge. We’re pretty sure they’re not making National Best Friend Day cards yet (and why not?), but anything colorful and/or witty should definitely do the trick, such as this American Greetings “Nobody Is Better Than Us!” card ($5).

7. Before a Big Meeting at the Office: Your pal might be the bossest of all the boss ladies, but she’ll still appreciate the extra vote of confidence that can only come from a friend. Time your “you’ve got this, girl!” card so that it arrives the morning of her big meeting or presentation. It will be just the thing to remind her that, well, she’s totally got this.

8. After Her Vacation: We know, we know — it seems kind of weird to offer an additional gesture to someone who just came back from an awesome trip… but if your bestie is anything like us, she’s about to feel super bummed and overwhelmed about the prospect of reintegrating into daily life. Brighten up her first day back in the routine with an upbeat card.

9. When She’s Sick: Get-well cards are a lost art. Pick one up for your friend as a reminder to her that you’d be snuggled up next to her eating chicken soup if she wasn’t so contagious. Write a message about what you’re looking forward to doing with her when she’s back in fighting shape.

10. A Week Before Your Reunion: You and your long-distance BFF are about to be reunited (and it feels so goooooood), but why not start rustling up some tangible excitement with a few days to spare? When your pal receives your note a week out from your face-to-face visit, she’ll know for sure that you’ve been counting the seconds until that all-too-rare quality time is officially here (just in case your constant shrieking over Face Time and daily countdown texts weren’t getting the message through).

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