While we wouldn’t recommend making huge home decorating changes for just any holiday, Valentine’s Day is a bit different. Why? We’ve got one word for you: red. It’s bold, it’s passionate and it’s just plain amazing. So putting some in your bedroom to keep the V-Day love going all year round seems totally appropriate to us. Take a look at these eight bedrooms that boast red walls, and don’t be surprised if you want some of that zing by the end.

1. One Wall: Using a red wall where a headboard should be is definitely one way to make a statement. Plus, it gives you an excuse to buy a new bedspread and rug. (via Apartment Therapy)

2. Use Decals: Afraid that a red wall will be too dark for your bedroom? Lighten it up with some flowery decals. (via House Plans)

3. Velvet Wall: Talk about luxury. Recreating a red velvet wall like this will make you feel like a royal every time you wake up. (via Perianth)

4. Small Room, Big Color: Putting a statement wall in a small bedroom will make the space look bigger, so why not go with red? (via Hywell Martinez)

5. All Out: If you’re a red lover, then don’t let anything stop you from pulling all the stops and dousing all your walls in crimson. (via Apartment Therapy)

6. Wallpapered Red: When in doubt, go for patterns. A lively wallpaper like this adds a touch of fun to a red statement wall. (via Lynne Parker Designs)

7. Furniture Statement: If you decide to paint the room red, you’ll find that your furniture will suddenly develop a life of its own against that passionate color. (via Decor Girl)

8. Red Canopy: So maybe you’re not ready to commit to paint. DIY yourself a bright red canopy that you can put up for Valentine’s Day, or whatever day you feel like. (via Apartment Therapy)

Do you have a red wall in your bedroom? Would you put one in it? Tell us below!