25 Fabulous Birthday Gifts to Get Your Sister
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25 Fabulous Birthday Gifts to Get Your Sister

She taught you how to master your cat eye, sat through Netflix marathons with you and even helped you bake that layered cake for your parents’ anniversary. Whether she’s older, the same age or younger, your sister has always been there for you. She’s your person. But when it comes to buying her the perfect birthday gift, you’re stumped. Lucky for everyone, the B+C Shop is always there to swoop in and let your sister know how much she means to you. The following 25 shop items are funny, loving and upbeat — just like your favorite gal.

1. Word Talk Pencils ($8): Here’s a cute and useful declaration of the fact that you two are just better together. #siblingsforlife

2. Sorry I’m Late T-Shirt ($24): One of the great things about having a sibling is that you’re able to tease them, no matter what. This tee gives you the opportunity to poke fun at one of your sister’s most annoying habits.

3. Color Me Good — Ryan Gosling ($13): Who wouldn’t love a coloring book of this hunk? That’s the real question.

4. Spring Geometric Bib Necklace ($65): This statement necklace is dramatic enough to transform an outfit from blah to wow — something your sis will certainly appreciate.

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5. I Get Awesome Hip Flask ($29): Just a simple reminder for anyone who needs to know how awesome your sister is. We love the fun magenta conversation bubble and polka dots.

6. Hooray Canvas Tote ($20): There is no event more worthy of three hoorays than a birthday. The best part about this tote is that she’ll be able to use it for everything from a quick grocery store run to a trip to the beach.

7. Bluetooth Selfie Stick ($35): While the photos you two take may not become as famous as Ellen’s Oscars selfie, the memories held in them are just as (if not more) wonderful. This selfie stick is here to help you add to that memorable gallery.

8. Himalayan Pink Salt Bath Soak ($15): Everybody needs a day to relax, and a birthday seems like a great option. Let your sister soak her worries away with this refreshing bottle of Bolivian Rose and Himalayan salts.

9. Wall Art Weaving Kit ($75): If your sister is like us, then she’s always looking for a chance to craft. This DIY weaving kit is the perfect way to fulfill that wish.

10. DIY Nail Art Class ($20) + DIY Nail Art Kit ($44): This could (hopefully) be the gift that keeps on giving when your sister becomes your go-to mani artist!

11. Druzy Teardrop Pendant ($44): You might need to buy this one for you sister. And then immediately borrow it.

12. Beauty Station ($90): Make your sister feel like the modern makeup maven she is with a station that easily organizes all of her favorite products AND provides a stand for a gadget that plays her favorite tutorials.

13. Sand Art Shift Dress ($135): Aw, just like the DIYs you guys used to make when you were little!

14. Yes Way, Cabernet Art Print ($35): Cheers to this cheeky wall art!

15. Florabunda 17-Month Agenda ($20): Birthdays may only last for a day, but she’ll be able to plan ahead for the next one with this beautiful floral agenda. It covers 17 months, which would work quite well for a student.

16. State Lovin’ Wood Wall Art ($26): They say that home is where the heart is, and this is the best way to show it. This wood art is customizable so you can bring back the memories of your childhood home no matter where it was.

17. Feather Charm Necklace or Bracelet ($12): Birds of a feather stick together. Get a matching one for yourself and put a fun, sibling twist on friendship bracelets.

18. You Be My Thelma ($24): Your sister has always been your partner in crime, even if that crime was keeping it a secret when you stole an extra cookie from the jar (sorry, Mom).

19. Fig-Ricotta Boxed Caramels ($8): A box of unique sweets for a unique and sweet sister. How fitting.

20. Custom Fortunate Cookie Necklace ($98): The B+C custom shop carries all sorts of maker-made goodies that add that little extra special somethin’ somethin’ to your (already sweet ;) gift.

21. Glittered Cake Pops ($36): You really can’t go wrong with glitter — or cake pops, for that matter. Wow, this is a home run.

22. Sticky Roller Notes ($9): “Paintable” sticky notes are a dream come true. Just think of all the possibilities!

23. But First, Coffee Thermal Mug ($14): Everybody has a coffee addict in the family. This is a great gift for your constantly on-the-go sis.

24. Confetti Push-Pop Set ($23): Dessert push-pops are great, but confetti push-pops are a thousand times better. Here’s to a great celebration and many, many more.

25. Pack of Birthday Headbands ($17): Finally, the essential tiara for the birthday princess. And all her lucky guests get one, too!

What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten your sister? Share it with us in the comments below! 

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