You are the cocktail queen and nothing can hold you back — except for your small space struggles, that is. While you dream of one day designing a home bar with seating for all your friends, for now you’re stuck with an apartment barely big enough for you and all your shoes. Whining won’t get you anywhere, so grab a drink and check out these 14 options for a space-saving bar that’ll have you toasting all year long.

1. DIY a Whole New Dresser: With an old dresser gilded in gold and white, this bar will be a statement piece without being over the top. Stash your barware in the cupboards and drawers for easy access without the clutter. (via Bliss at Home)

2. Top Shelf, Please: For a smaller budget or cramped space, shelves will give you everything you’re looking for in a bar. Don’t worry — shelves don’t have to be bland. Paint them or add new hardware for a fun finish. (via The Everygirl)

3. DIY Bar Trolley: Alcohol on wheels — what more could a woman ask for? This DIY bar cart will be accessible when you want it and invisible when you don’t. Style it up just right and wheel it into a closet to stash your brews when you’re done. (via A Beautiful Mess)

4. Wall Space Is Your BFF: Under the shelf, out of your space. If you’re a wine-o but don’t want to have glasses eating up your valuable cabinet space, mount a few under-the-cabinet holders for your stemware. Bonus points if you have beautiful glassware to put on display for all to see. (via I Heart Organizing)

5. Folding Bar: The TV tray held its glory in the past, and like any fad, the time for it to come back around has arrived. If you’re a lady who only fancies alcohol for parties or special occasions, a collapsible tray is perfect for your place. Once you’re done, fold it up and stash it in a closet or under the couch. (via Style Me Pretty)

6. Hutch It: A floor-to-ceiling piece will give you so much more storage. If you have beautiful stemware or want to display your collection, a glass-fronted hutch is ideal, like this John Taigan Gray Bar ($1200). It’ll make your room feel larger and more inviting.

7. DIY Party in a Closet: Chances are you’re never going to use that broom closet for brooms, so use it to stash your drinks. Your friends will love this feature, and you won’t have to worry about your bubbly taking up all the extra cabinet space in your tiny kitchen. Plus, it’s a super-cute idea. You can even fit it under your stairs. (via Sweeten)

8. Utilize Unused Spaces: When you’re crunched for space, you have to get creative, especially when you live in an older apartment or home. Dress up that radiator in your living space by decking it out with bottles. Just make sure nothing in your bar space will get too hot when you do turn on your heat. (via Refinery29)

9. In Mixed Company: Maybe you don’t want your bar to be a focal point, and that’s completely okay. Let your bottles mingle among your books and music collection for an eclectic vibe. (via Design Sponge)

10. Keep It Contained: If you aren’t an organizational whiz, you may want to opt for a closed-front cabinet like this mid-century piece. It won’t matter what you stash away, because it will be hidden from sight. (via My Domaine)

11. Hack That Bookshelf: Nothing is more versatile than cubby shelves. If you want a bar now but might not want a bar in six months, pick up this shelf from IKEA (if you don’t have it already). You can always repurpose that cubby for a side table or a bookshelf. (via The Everygirl)

12. Holman Entertaining Shelves ($119+): Try a chopping block-turned-bar DIY. There will be nothing to “wine” about with this setup. Add to it as you like by purchasing extra if (when) your liquor or wine collection expands. It can also function as a chopping block during that dinner party rush.

13. Lacquered Bar Cabinet ($1998): A tall cabinet is just what you need to store all your bar cart essentials. If you’re in the mood to splurge on this piece, go for it — but you can always attempt the DIY. To create the appearance of more space in your home, add mirrors on the outside or insides of the doors to reflect the surrounding light.

14. Go Vintage, Baby: Repurpose an old TV cabinet or go thrifting for a unique piece you can up-cycle for your bar. Glass shelves and a mirrored back are perfect for open designs to make your space feel larger. (via Fjeldborg)

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