Ah yoga, you are a fickle mistress. No matter how hard we try to reach that perfect moment of peace or get the A+ stance on our eagle pose, something seems to go awry. Is it just us being clumsy or are your moves too darn challenging? Well, we’ll be the first to admit that we may need a little extra help. Sure the classroom is a great place to get started, but what if we can’t make it (or afford to go) to class five times a week?

Yogis, meet SmartMat, an amazingly intelligent yoga mat. Part robot instructor, part soft and cushy mat, this sweet technology bridges the gap between practicing at home and receiving the individual assistance you need to finally nail those poses.

Here’s how it works: The mat contains a layer of responsive sensors that can tell where you place your weight. These sensors are connected to an app, which tracks the micro-adjustments of your body and offers helpful instructions to help you improve each time.

The mat is calibrated to your body’s specifications, understanding specific stats like your arm span and the distance between your limbs. It uses this information to correct your alignment and balance as you move through the poses and reach meditative bliss.

Another smart feature is the mat’s three settings. Home mode will guide you out loud as you move through an interactive yoga class. In Class Assist mode, the mat takes notes of your movements and offers visual feedback to avoid disturbing your classmates. Want to just tune out and move through your own practice? Try Zen Mode, where all assistance is turned off.

The mat is currently over its fundraising goal on Indiegogo, with an estimated July 2015 delivery (we suppose this is where we need to breathe deep and practice patience, yeah?). Those of you who want to get an early deal can pledge for the mat for around $300. Sure, it’s pricey, but think of all the money you’ll save on yoga classes!

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