Let’s face it, group costumes are the best. When else do you have an excuse to convince your entire crew to dress as something totally amazing, hilarious or badass other than on Halloween? Here are 15 group costume ideas that’ll take your #squadgoals to the next level.


1. The Final Five: Let your inner Olympian shine! To make these costumes, we painted white leotards using fabric paint, added USA decals to track pants and practiced our best jumps.


2. Mean Girls: Oh, that early 2000s style is just so, well, fetch. Recruiting a redhead for this group costume is crucial, and so is wearing pink.


3. Minions: We can’t lie, these little guys have won over our hearts. Make goggle hats by buying four-inch googly eyes hot gluing gray construction paper around the rims. Place your yellow beanie on your head and ask a friend to help you glue one or two googly eyes right on there. Done!


4. Ghostbusters: You knew you wanted an excuse to wear a jumpsuit this Halloween, and this badass group of babes is the perfect option. Just paint on the details, grab your proton packs, and you’re ready to go.


5. Brunch: Your squad is probs at its strongest when you spend the entire weekend at brunch. So, dress the part!


6. Breakfast Club Crew: Calling all kids of the ‘80s — this crew is for you. Don’t worry Brat Pack, we won’t forget about you ;)


7. Baywatch Babes: We think your bod is always beach-ready, and with a ‘90s style high cut swimsuit — you’ll definitely turn heads. Pro tip: Wear nude colored pantyhose underneath your suit!

Real Housewives Group Halloween Costumes

8. Real Housewives: Whether you want to admit it or not, you’ve probably sat through *at least* one episode of the Real Housewives franchise and/or one of its spinoffs. Channel your favorite wife and prepare for a throwdown.


9. Sushi: Make like sushi… and roll! Sorry, we had to. Painted pillows and white dresses make the perfect sashimi. Just don’t forget the wasabi headbands!


10. Hocus Pocus: Think beyond the black hat and broomstick and channel this trio of wicked sisters. Costume corsets and long skirts in bright colors pull this look together.


11. Fruit Salad: The sweetest little squad you ever did see. Paint details on simple, brightly colored dresses and you’re squad’s fresh to death.


12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Cowabunga! Now where’s the pizza, dude?


13. Grease: You know Grease is the word, and you definitely know a dude who was made to be a T-bird.


14. Pokémon: This Pokémon Halloween costume not only involves your besties, but also your pooch! Get your pet owner friends together this Halloween and dress up as trainers and Pokémon.


15. Saved by the Bell: Finally, a major blast from the past — the crew from Bayside. FRIENDS FOREVER.

What’s your fave group Halloween costume idea? Let us know on Twitter, @britandco. Looking for even more Halloween costume inspo? Check out endless ideas on Pinterest!