If you鈥檝e taken a trip to the farmers鈥 market or grocery store produce section recently, then you probably noticed the piles of peaches everywhere. And who could complain, really? Those light orange beauties are the highlight of summer and, surprisingly to some, are an extremely versatile fruit that can jump from sweet to savory dishes like nobody鈥檚 business. Keep reading for 21 recipes that take full advantage of peach season.


1. Red Cabbage Wraps: Here, diced turkey breast is stir-fried with peaches and brown rice, topped with a tomato/cucumber/corn salsa and rolled into a crunchy red cabbage leaf. Wrap 鈥檈m up for a meal that is light, refreshing and good to the very last bite. (via Dish Tales)


2. Grilled Peach Crostini: Step up your crostini game with layers of goat cheese, arugula, prosciutto, grilled peaches and a balsamic reduction sauce. This is one appetizer that sets a high standard right from the start. (via Spoonful of Flavor)


3. Bourbon Honey Peach Galette: The freshly sliced peaches here are dipped in bourbon and honey before taking center stage on a flaky buttermilk pie dough that鈥檚 surrounded by a ring of raw sugar. Serve with vanilla bean ice cream and watch the whole thing magically disappear. (via Butterlust)


4. Peach + Prosciutto Caprese Salad: This fruity take on a caprese salad is a delicious option for days when the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven. And the best part? You鈥檒l go from fridge to table in only five minutes. (via My Bottomless Boyfriend)


5. Gorgonzola Peach Bacon Flatbread: Personal pizza like you鈥檝e never seen it before: Smokey bacon, crumbled gorgonzola and thin-sliced peaches are baked on naan until crispy and gussied up with arugula and balsamic dressing. We鈥檒l take two, please! (via A Side of Sweet)


6. Peach French Toast: Perfect for weekends when you have company staying over, this french toast is prepared the night before. Slip it in the oven and go enjoy a cup of coffee with your guests. (via Well Plated)


7. Peach BBQ Sliders: Pull out your crock pot and whip up a batch of this peach pulled pork with just three ingredients. Prep it the night before and you鈥檒l come home after a long day to a tasty (and stress-free) dinner. (via Eat At Home)


8. Caramelized Peach Ice Cream: You don鈥檛 need a fancy ice cream maker to perfect this creamy confection full of peaches simmered in butter, cinnamon and sugar. Just be sure you make enough to go around, because no one鈥檚 going to turn this down. (via Ciao Chow Bambina)


9. Peach Pecan Pancakes: Start your day off with a stack of maple-syrup-drenched buttermilk pancakes with peach puree folded into the batter. They鈥檙e actually a proven cure for a case of the Mondays. (via Buns in My Oven)


10. Roasted Peach Pavlov: Impress all your friends with sweet meringue shells filled with mascarpone cheese and caramelized peaches. No one needs to know just how easy it was to put together. (via Sweet Si Bon)


11. Bacon, Lettuce and Grilled Peach Sandwich: Move over, BLT. The BLP is here to stay. (via Betsy Life)


12. Dessert Peach Pizza: Enjoy your entire meal al fresco from start to finish with a dessert pizza that cooks entirely on the grill. Drizzle with powdered sugar icing right before serving and make someone else do all those dishes. (via Julie Blanner)


13. Peach Wine Slushie: Adult slurpees, FTW! (via Dessert for Two)


14. Peaches 鈥榥鈥 Cream Bars: An easy and crowd-pleasing recipe, these bars make ripe peaches the star of the show among an all-star cast of rolled oats, cinnamon and pecans. (via Sally鈥檚 Baking Addiction)


15. Peachy Quinoa and Arugula Salad: Tired of your regular salad? Toss in some quinoa, sliced peaches and a handful of chopped walnuts for a lunch that is anything but ordinary. (via One Ingredient Chef)


16. Chipotle Peach BBQ Ribs: Licking BBQ sauce off your fingers as you devour meat straight off the grill is what summertime鈥檚 all about, and this chipotle-peach version is no exception. (via The Beeroness)


17. Grilled Peach, Corn and Avocado Chicken Salad: This tangy Greek yogurt and lime dressing is so simple to make, and it only has five ingredients. Once you taste it, you鈥檒l want to put it on everything. (via Ricotta and Radishes)


18. Peach Summer Rolls: These rolls require absolutely zero cooking and pack a ton of flavor in every bite. If that鈥檚 not a winning recipe, we don鈥檛 know what is. (via Lazy Cat Kitchen)


19. Peach Greek Yogurt Pops: Cool down on those hot summer afternoons with a delicious frozen treat. Don鈥檛 have fancy molds? A paper cup and popsicle stick will work just as well. (via The Foodie Corner)


20. Mango Peach Salsa: The perfect combination of spicy and sweet, this salsa is so good you鈥檒l never buy the jarred stuff again. (via My Bottomless Boyfriend)


21. Cinnamon Roll Peach Turnover: You might start out with a can of cinnamon roll dough and peaches, but in less than 30 minutes you鈥檒l have soft, rustic turnovers that look like they took all afternoon to make. (via Lemons for Lulu)

How do you satisfy your peachy cravings? Will any of the recipes on our list do the trick? Leave a comment and let us know!