Being a celeb is quickly becoming a more and more frightening prospect with every day that passes. What used to be emotionally damning web attacks from afar are now turning into real-life assaults with increasing frequency, and frankly, it’s downright disturbing. Just last week, Gigi Hadid was grabbed from behind and lifted off the ground by a strange man while leaving a fashion show in Milan, who later claimed to be taking a stand against the fashion industry. Fast forward a few days and the same dude tried to kiss Kim K’s derriere in a supposed protest against implants. Yikes! Now, what might just be the scariest attack of them all has taken place on stage, right before our eyes, during a Fifth Harmony concert.

NASHVILLE, TN - JUNE 08: Ally Brooke of Fifth Harmony attends the 2016 CMT Music awards at the Bridgestone Arena on June 8, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT)

The X Factor supergroup was performing in Monterrey, Mexico when a man managed to climb onstage, rushing group member Ally Brooke Hernandez. As can be seen in the fan footage below, the stranger runs toward the singer and grabs her, accidentally knocking her to the ground in the process as she tries to free herself from his grasp.

Though security quickly managed to get ahold of the would-be attacker and Ally seems to take the incident in stride, we can’t even imaging how terrifying that moment must have been for the 23-year-old songstress, especially considering the fact that this is actually the second time THIS WEEK that she’s had a scary moment with an overeager fan.

The first incident involved a man trying to take a selfie with Ally at the airport in Mexico, where she was once again nearly yanked to the ground. Luckily, she was just fine and posted a note to Instagram to let her fans know everything was okay.

“Please be careful and gentle so nobody gets hurt,” Ally wrote. “That was scary.”

Apparently, the guy who rushed on stage didn’t get the memo. Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt in either incident, but frankly, it’s all getting to be a bit much. Take it from Sophia Bush, who spoke up for herself (and women everywhere) after being harassed on a plane, writing, “Stop believing that you are entitled to make me uncomfortable because ‘you watch my TV show’ so I owe you some magical debt. I make it, you watch it. After that, the ‘exchange’ is done.”

Stay safe out there, guys!

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(h/t E!, photo via Rick Diamond/Getty)