Last year, #OscarsSoWhite went viral, with plenty of peeps questioning the diversity, inclusiveness, and even the relevancy of the show in this day and age. Though there were a few lol-worthy moments once the awards ceremony got rolling, there was a rather serious air to the affair to be sure (and it seemed to make a difference: This year has already proven to be much more diverse).

Oscars 2017 _ Jimmy Kimmel

Now, with less than a week to go before the big show, a new hashtag has been born around the ceremony, with #OscarsWeNeed pointing out… well… the Oscars (categories) we need. This time around, however, the results are beyond perfect and totally hilarious. From the weirdly random to the viciously on-point, check out our favorite #OscarsWeNeed Tweets below.

1. @MatthewACherry: Look how he manages to sweep without ever touching the ground!

2. @Darth_Zuul: Because all of us are Peter when it happens.

3. @MarlowNYC: Just LOOK at that seagull’s side-eye!

4. @vendo_matt: We’re suddenly feeling hungry…

5. @MatthewACherry: Something seems amiss.

6. @Yorkdel: AKA every teen film ever.

7. @shewhoisgreat: We have a few nominations…

8. @Geometry_Fletch: Why IS there always rogue fruit?

9. @Swerky: Isn’t this one called “The Razzies?”

10. @ThingsRemindMe: It appears that seagull has some competition!

11. @deebirdz: …but of course.

And the clear winner is…

12. @growingupzee: BEST CAT FOR THE WIN!

What Oscars do you think we need? Let us know @BritandCo!

(Photo via Jeff Lipsky/Getty)