Politics can get very heavy at times, what with travel bans and healthcare plans to ponder and debate, but a new film from Universal Pictures is about to lighten the mood. The renowned movie studio has reportedly optioned a “workplace comedy” book proposal that’s sure to satisfy anyone who’s ever wondered what it might be like to work inside the Oval Office *slowly raises hand.*

Beck Dorey-Stein, a former White House stenographer, is putting pen to ink for From the Corner of the Oval, a two-part book said to be about how it really feels to have the historic building for an office, and the relationships that are forged among its staff members.

Though the book itself isn’t set for release until 2018, Universal already has producers on board to take on the project, which is based on Stein’s life (at least in part — her main character is a cocktail waitress who becomes a (take a guess!) court stenographer, with promises of “a series of misadventures in life and love” for our heroine.

The film is rumored to be set in the Obama era, which means our (and everyone else’s!) fingers are totally crossed that one of the “relationships” the story examines will be that of our favorite former work couple of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

If so, it would be the third film the former President would have helped to inspire, with Barry and Southside With You already using him as their focus.

Fingers crossed the movie Gods hear our pleas!

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(h/t Marie Claire, photos via Alex Wong + Patrick Smith)