We’ve never seen the “favorite contacts” list on your phone firsthand, but we have a pretty good idea of who’s probably there. Your mom is likely near the top, along with your significant other (especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship, when phone calls are that much more important). We’d also hazard a guess that your best friend has a top spot as well — even if you find that keeping in touch with that BFF is a bit of a challenge (which we totally understand).

While all three of these individuals should play an important role in your life and call history, there are some situations that truly call for the perspective, wisdom, and humor of a bestie. In honor of National Best Friends Day (June 8), we’ve collected a list of 15 scenarios for which this is definitely the case. Keep scrolling for all the details!


1. When you think you may have seen a celebrity — or your ex — but you can’t be sure. You just passed someone in traffic or on the sidewalk who you’re almost positive is totally famous. Your bestie is quite possibly the only person in the world who would be willing to talk through every one of this person’s features to determine if they are the real thing or simply a scarily identical doppelganger. (The same rule applies if you’ve just had a near-run-in with that ex-bae who ghosted you a few months ago.)

2. When you’re debating a major shoe or accessory purchase. To splurge or not to splurge? That is the question… that only your BFF can help you answer. She knows your style, has a good grasp on what’s already in your closet, and will have absolutely no problem calling you out if you’ve been blowing your budget recently.

3. When you’re counting down the minutes until your favorite TV show premieres. It’s seven minutes before the first episode of the long-awaited new season of The Bachelorette hits your screen. Who should you call while you (only somewhat) patiently sit through those final painful pre-show commercials? Your bestie, naturally.

4. When you’ve lost something and are retracing your steps to find it. It’s entirely likely that your bestie understands the innermost workings of your brain better than anyone else on your contact list. If you’re struggling to remember where you put your keys or desperately looking for your wallet, give her a ring. With any luck, she’ll be able to talk you through your search — and if all else fails, she’ll be able to help calm you down so you can keep a clear head during your accidental scavenger hunt.

5. When your coworker is driving you crazy. We all know that our fellow millennial professionals are the absolute best people to talk to about drama in the workplace. Who’s better than best? A fellow millennial professional who also happens to be your BFF. She’ll be a great sounding board for your concerns, and will (hopefully) be able to offer some helpful suggestions on how to handle them.

6. When you’re experiencing bridesmaid drama. Basket-case bride? Controlling MOH? Ultra-competitive fellow maids? Don’t bring this drama to your mama, and don’t expect your bae to empathize. Instead, call your best pal. She probably knows at least one of the players in this unsavory scene, and even if she doesn’t, she’ll give a healthy perspective on how to navigate the situation.

7. When you’re painting your nails and need to gab. When you’re working on an at-home mani (or even treating yourself to some pro nail art) and looking for some idle chatter, your best friend should naturally be your go-to. There’s no better time for a much-needed catch-up sesh than when you’re trying to dry your sticky digits!

8. When you want to vent about something your frenemy posted on social media. A sometimes-friend, sometimes-rival goes public on social media with something that just makes you think: Ugh. Whether it’s an obnoxious photographic humblebrag (why did she get to meet Wonder Woman?) or a weird backhanded comment about you or one of your besties, it’s your BFF who will have the perfect thing to say to help talk you off the mental ledge that only Facebook or Instagram can nudge you toward.

9. When you’re trying to get motivated to go to the gym on the weekend. It’s early Saturday morning, and you know that now is the perfect time to check a workout off your weekend to-do list. Your significant other may think you’re looking for them to tell you that you don’t need to get to the gym (“But, babe, you already look amazing!”), and your parents may lecture you about how you need to work harder at being healthy. Skip either of these responses by calling your BFF for a pep talk instead.

10. When your S.O.’s family is driving you crazy. Venting about your partner’s family to them will only put them in an unfair, uncomfortable situation — and sharing your concerns about your (potential) in-laws with your mom may open up a can of worms about the drama in your own tribe. Your bestie is definitely your best bet in this scenario.

11. When you’re throwing yourself a pity party. We really don’t support pity parties (we know you’re better than that!), but if you’re finding that you absolutely need one in order to get to the other side of what’s upsetting you, be sure to get your BFF on the phone. She’ll be the first to let you share your problems and — even more importantly — the first to encourage you to put down the ice cream, turn off the chick flicks, and face your frustrations head on.

12. When you’re convinced you’re having a quarter-life crisis. First of all, take a deep breath. We don’t think you are. For further confirmation, call your truest friend. (It’s a much better option than giving your mom a panic attack because you’re having a meltdown on the phone.)

13. When you’re having FOMO. Chatting up your bestie is the best possible reminder that whatever you feel you’re missing out on is insignificant compared to what you already do have — an amazing relationship with a friend who can’t be beat. Take the opportunity to get some awesome plans with your BFF on the calendar, and say goodbye to FOMO for good!

14. When you’re looking for a new show to binge. Don’t bore your parents or significant other as you narrate an ongoing scroll-through of your Netflix or Hulu feed. If you’re looking for input on a new show to watch, your best friend is probably your best bet — especially because, once you start binging, it will give you one more (somewhat mindless, totally fun) thing to chat about on a regular basis.

15. When you’re homesick. Calling mom when you’re missing your hometown will only get her more emotional, and sharing this kind of sadness with your partner may make them feel totally helpless to cheer you up. Your BFF will know just what to say to ease your homesickness, particularly if she comes from the same place.

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