We鈥檝e barely finished watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (which proved Rory Gilmore is the actual worst), and already, Netflix has us covered on our next binging session.


Season two of Fuller House dropped just in time for the holidays yesterday, and though we鈥檝e yet to fully dive in (no spoilers, please and thank you!), diehards of the show are way ahead of us, pulling all-nighters to finish the show.

That鈥檚 because, according to them, season two? Wayyyy better than season one. In fact, they鈥檙e loving every second spent with DJ and the gang, Olsen twins be darned (which is a good thing, since it doesn鈥檛 look like they鈥檒l be making an appearance anytime soon).

So good was season two, that fans are already calling for season three in droves.

Don鈥檛 worry, guys 鈥 if the show鈥檚 creator (AKA the new owner of the original Full House house) has his way, season three will not only be a go, it鈥檒l include the iconic house that started it all as its backdrop for filming. Candace Cameron Bure is also likely to have a bit more free time to devote to the series, since she鈥檚 leaving The View in part to keep up with its success.

But, of course, there鈥檚 always the errant hater.

Welp, can鈥檛 please 鈥榚m all, areweright? TBH, we鈥檙e a little surprised by the overwhelmingly positive reactions: While we loved season one, it certainly wasn鈥檛 met without its criticisms, with John Stamos even taking to television to combat the backlash.

It sounds like they鈥檝e worked out any kinks they may have had in season one, however: Excuse us while we disappear for the next 13 hours鈥

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(Photos via Fuller House/Netflix)