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14 Pedicure Essentials for 24/7 Sandal Time

We’ve gathered 14 pedicure essentials to keep your toes looking sandal pretty for the rest of the season.


These 10 Burrata Recipes Are the Cream of the Crop

Whether it’s on a grilled sandwich or rolled up into a spreadable ball, cheese is the thing that makes life worth living.


J.Crew Is Now Making… Stationery!?

The cheeky, chic style that J.Crew is known for is now available in… stationery?! From the next party you’re planning to birthdays and other occasions, check out the hot new styles.


10 Volumizing Hair Hacks for Lifeless Locks

When it comes to hair — bigger is always better. Flat hair can seem, well… lifeless. And there is nothing worse than starting your morning with a bad hair day. You already have your 5 minute hair hacks but the options don’t end there. From root sprays to styling techniques, now you can add that volume back into your hair with these 10 volumizing hair hacks.


10 DIY Hair Masks for Every Hair Type

When a new season arrives, it’s time to freshen your look and adjust your beauty routine. While the warmer temperatures brighten your mood and vacation plans, they don’t always do the same for your hair and skin. DIY hair moisturizers may do the trick in winter, but in the spring and summer your tresses face some more serious issues. Don’t pull out your locks over it! Whatever your hair type, we have a DIY hair mask for you.


15 Spring Makeup Ideas for a Fresh Face

Spring is a time for new beginnings and that includes experimenting with a new look. With warmer temperatures and summer just around the corner, spring makeup gravitates towards brighter shades and spring pastels. Whether you’re a beauty junkie who likes to play with new colors and techniques or just someone who prefers a natural look, there is something for everyone. From bright lips to bold liners to sheer highlighters, here are 15 ways to freshen up your look for spring.


12 Salad Recipes So Good, You’ll Forget They’re Good FOR You

With summer around the corner, it’s time to ditch the warm, heavy winter foods for some light, low cal recipes. Salads always seem like an obvious option, but let’s face it: while a bowl of greens may be packed with nutrients, it can be less than satisfying. But no longer. Forget the pizza and burger, we found 14 salad recipes that take advantage of the most flavorful ingredients and are anything but boring.


Refresh Your Beauty Routine With 11 Minty Beauty Hacks

Mint is one of the most refreshing flavors or scents and now it is so much more. It turns out that similar to coconut oil, mint seems to have quite a few beauty benefits. For the skin, it can help to reduce redness, control excess oil and unclog pores. For the hair, mint can be applied to the strands to add shine or to the scalp to reduce dandruff and help simulate hair growth. Sounds great to us! So, we’ve surfed around the Internet to find 12 minty beauty hacks to freshen up your beauty routine.


14 Green Tea Recipes That Go Beyond the Teacup

Green tea is the drink that has it all. It’s a superfood that is filled with antioxidants and loads of health benefits. And while it’s great to enjoy a warm cup of green tea (even in a latte!) why does it have to end there? It can be used in tons of dishes, and we’ve got 14 of the best sweet and savory green tea recipes right here, just for you.


Turn It Up: 10 Recipes That’ll Make You Want to Eat Turnips

Root vegetables are all the rage. They’re filled with vitamins, antioxidants and all that other good stuff to help us live a long and healthy life. The turnip is the newest alternative root vegetable gaining popularity, and it’s no wonder. They have a sweet flavor that can take any recipe to the next level. We’ve gathered 10 tasty turnip recipes to turn up your nutrition and your taste buds.


10 Ways to Wear Tulle Without Looking Like a Ballerina

Tulle is no longer only for ballerinas. It has made its way onto the fashion scene in many different forms. From overly feminine dresses and skirts to styles with a little bit of an edge, tulle can be incredibly versatile and act as a great addition to every girl’s wardrobe. Get ready to embrace your inner princess with these 10 ways to incorporate tulle into your closet. Let the twirling commence now.


10 Desserts That Are Bootin’ The Gluten

We ain’t about to let a little gluten allergy get in the way of our dessert eating habits. There are loads of alternative ingredients to create gluten-free versions of our favorite desserts. First it was Girl Scout cookies, and now we are bringing you 10 more gluten-free desserts. Even your non-GF will be begging for more.