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These Sunglasses Look Good *and* Do Good

Looking for a new pair of sunnies to rock for the dog days of summer? Whether you’ve lost a couple pairs at the beach or are just in the market for some late summa stunnas, we’ve got your back. Seed Eyewear is making super cute shades that also happen to be (drumroll!) great for the environment.

Celeb Style

This Vending Machine Gives You Free Stuff to Recycle

Green isn’t just for St. Patrick’s Day anymore. Everyday we be recyclin’, trying to cut down our carbon footprint and up our enviro game. And in Australia, that’s as easy as a trip to the vending machine, where you can pay for your items with… get this… recycled goods.


The Ultimate Guide to Food Safety – Keep This on Your Fridge!

Nobody likes wasting food, but sometimes you’re just not sure if it’s worth chancing the milk on its expiration date. One of the things we never learned in school growing up is how you’re actually supposed to treat food. What does the sell by date really mean? How long can you leave pasta in the pantry? We stumbled across the ultimate infographic to help you answer all these questions and more.


When Pigs Fly! Why Reebok Is Making BACON Now

We’ve seen some crazy bacon-themed products in our day – from alarms to scarves, pretty much everything comes in a bacon variety these days. Now Reebok is trying to corner that market by selling, you guessed it, bacon! WTF is right.