There are few things in life as fun (for us anyway), as browsing home decor stores like West Elm. They’re chock full of fab items that would look terrific in almost any home. Unfortunately, our imagination stretches a bit further than our bank accounts. That’s why we’re so excited about these awesome tutorials ranging from the simple to the sophisticated and everything in between. Here are 16 wonderful West Elm hacks to get the look you love for less.

1. West Elm-Inspired Wood Tile Dresser: Simple wood tiles are all you need to give your dresser an ultra-glam upgrade. The West Elm version retails for $899, but this DIY can be yours for under $200. (via East Coast Creative)

2. Knock Out Knock Offs: West Elm Clock: A chic clock that would set you back $149 can be made with a ceramic plate, stickers and a clock kit. The total cost of this DIY? $50. (via Bigger Than the Three of Us)

3. Metallic Pillow Covers: Our gold obsession continues with this patterned pillow (originally $40) made with gold leaf. It’s a fun and simple sewing project you can definitely pull off in an afternoon and for only half the price. (via The Gathered Home)

4. DIY Bentwood Pendant Light: Looking to break out the power tools? Why not make your own light fixture out of quilting hoops? Pull it together for $40, a huge savings from the retail price of $189. (via Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body)

5. West Elm 3 Drawer Stria Dresser Knock Off: Take a basic IKEA dresser to a whole new level with some wood stain and craft wood. This $699 dresser becomes only $55 when you DIY. (via For My Love Of)

6. Sculptural Spheres: Create your own gorgeous decorative spheres with wire hangers, duct tape and clay for under $20. No one will ever guess that you didn’t pay $70 for the pair. (via Crazy Wonderful)

7. Abstract Geo Print: Doodle your way to new piece of decor with a blank canvas and acrylic paint markers. An excellent rainy day project, the original West Elm print will set you back $149 but this DIY is only $14. (via Delineate Your Dwelling)

8. Wooden Truss Dining Table: This DIY project is not for the faint of heart. You can purchase this table in store for $1,199, but if you’ve got the right tools (or can borrow them), this gorgeous rustic wooden table can be yours for $75! (via Upcycled Treasures)

9. Herringbone Mirror: Okay, this is way too easy. Add some new life to your mirror with fabric and spray adhesive, and you can have this $299 knock off for only $7. (via Teal + Lime)

10. DIY Capiz Chandelier: Would you believe this dreamy chandelier is created with wax paper, thread and time? If you’re feeling ambitious, you definitely need to give this tutorial a try. The West Elm Capiz Chandelier sells for $149, but this DIY version? Only $20. (via Lisa Roy)

11. DIY Abstract Art: Why purchase abstract art when it’s way more fun to make it yourself? This DIY should only cost you about $25 for the canvas, paint and brush. (via Setting for Four)

12. Knockoff Shoulder Bag: This is a quick and easy project in a timeless black and gold combo. Sure the original bag is only $45, but this DIY is only $8. (via Delineate Your Dwelling)

13. West Elm Dresser Knock-Off: Yes, another dresser DIY! It’s a super easy way to update a thrift shop find with wood veneer. It will only cost you about $100 and you get to choose the exact shades of wood you want in your home. Considering the West Elm version costs $1,299, that’s nearly a whole new dresser in savings! (via Retropolitan)

14. West Elm Planter Look-a-Like: If you’re looking to show off your succulents, you could purchase a $30 planter or you could try gluing a vase and candlestick holder together for only $2. It’s effortless and oh-so-chic. (via The Budget Decorator)

15. Paper Flower Branches: A bunch of paper flower branches are a simple way to add a touch of color to any room. All it takes to make your own are some branches, tissue paper and your trusty glue gun. For about $5 you can have as many as you’d like in all the colors you can handle. (via Sarah Hearts)

16. Homemade Lamp: What do you get when you combine a glass vase, lamp kit and a sweet shade? This incredible lamp! It retails for $169 in the store, but you can create the same look for $50. (via The Thrifty Abode)

Have you created your own West Elm hack? Share your successes in the comments below.