June is here, and it’s time for weekend trips, poolside afternoons (complete with awesome pool floats), and ice cream floats galore. When you need a break from all of the summertime fun, though — we know, it’s exhausting to be this fabulous and relaxed — consider a bit of bargain shopping. We’ve compiled a list of items that’ll be on sale in June, which means it’s basically a must that you buy them at super cheap prices when you have a break in the summertime festivities. It would be irresponsible not to! Keep reading for all the details.

1. Ties: Father’s Day is June 18, and retailers know that, for many of us, a snappy necktie is a go-to gift for Dad. Thanks to seasonal markdowns, you may be able to treat the special men in your life to a higher-quality tie than you’d be able to afford otherwise. Now’s also the perfect time to stock up on nice ties to gift for other occasions throughout the year!

2. Fourth of July Snacks + Groceries: Whether you’re playing host or guest for a barbecue on July 4, you’ll need to get your hands on chips, burgers, popsicles, hot dog buns… you know the drill. You’ll start noticing Fourth of July sales on these items in grocery stores starting in the last week or two of June. Keep your eyes open for low prices and see just how much you can economize your Independence Day celebrations.

3. Tools + Tool Sets: Tools are another popular gift for Father’s Day, and stores respond with tempting clearances on tool boxes, drills, saws, etc. Pick up a well-priced gift for Daddy-o, and while you’re at it, make like Rosie the Riveter and consider what items you might need to have around the house. A girl’s gotta have a well-stocked tool kit too!

4. Cheese: June is National Dairy Month (did we just blow your mind?), so you can expect to see plenty of sales on all things dairy over the next few weeks. Cheeses at your local supermarket will most likely be consistently marked down this month, so dust off your favorite mac and cheese recipe and prepare for tons of homemade charcuterie. Sound Gouda?

5. Dishware: Summer wedding season is upon us, so department stores and home goods chains are getting competitive with low costs on plates, cups, bowls, utensils, and the like. We know being a wedding guest can be expensive, so we suggest scoping out your friends’ registries now for items that may be on sale — and don’t forget to refresh your personal dish collection while the price is right.

6. Donuts: June 3 is National Donut Day — definitely an occasion worth celebrating, right? Keep your eyes peeled for freebies and other deals at your favorite grocery stores, bakeries, and chains. Since it’s a national holiday, you basically have to participate.

7. Treadmills + Ellipticals: June is prime time for deals on home cardio equipment, so take a look online and in newspaper ads for details on the best days to stock your personal gym. These are big ticket items, and there’s no reason you should have to buy them at full price, so scoop one up now so you can stay fit and healthy all year ’round.

8. Summer Sports Gear: If you’re in the market for warm weather workout clothes or equipment for summer sports, run — don’t walk — to major athletic retailers this month. You’ll find stellar sales that will make you that much more motivated to be active throughout the summer.

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(Design via Marisa Kumtong, featured photo via Getty)