Wind. It’s a part of life/weather, and while it’s not always welcome — especially when hair is concerned — it’ll always be around. So, we’re working on getting used to it this fall, and not just in the lazy-girl way of tossing on a hat. There are other ways to combat blow-y breezes head on so that they don’t seriously cramp your style or, worse yet, mess with the integrity of your hair, and you’d be surprised how easily they fit within your regular morning routine. To get the full scoop, we chatted with Sherri Jessee, hair color brand PRAVANA’s Global Creative Advisor, about no-fail tips and tricks that can ensure our hair is always on fleek, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store for us.

TIP #1: USE Your FINGERS To Detangle First. Then IT’S ALL IN THE BRUSH


After stepping out of a windy situation (aka outside), your natural reaction is to probably reach for a brush to smooth through the mess Mother Nature has created. Try to avoid the hairbrush if you can, though, and use your fingers as a gentler alternative. If you *must* brush your hair, Sherri has some pointers to ensure you don’t cause even more breakage. “Be gentle and work your way up from the ends to the roots using slow, small strokes. For extra help detangling, apply a light drop of a hair oil to the bristles of a soft, natural-bristle brush prior to running it through strands.”



You know it’s going to be a super windy day, but your hair can’t look like that’s the case — it’s gotta look polished and pretty. At the same time, why waste your time styling your hair when you know it won’t hold up to the wind? That’s where the Dutch braid comes in to save the day.

“The Dutch braid is a chic yet effective way of styling your hair on an exceptionally windy day! This look can be worn on hair of all lengths and is a really great way to remove hair away from the face. This type of braid is an inside out French braid and can be pulled out loosely for beautiful texture,” Sherri says. Bonus: The more you pull the braid out and thicken it up, the less likely the wind can mess with it. Messy hairstyles FTW!



The tips of your hair take on a lot of damage associated with unruly weather, not to mention hot tools and and styling breakage, so they deserve some extra TLC to nurse them back to health. Avoid styles that put pressure on the ends of your hair (no-heat hairstyles, we’re looking at you!), and make sure to be gentle when you’re working through your hair because the ends are the first place your hair will break :(

“The most vulnerable part of hair is the fragile ends, so run a few pumps of a smoothing + repairing oil to strands to help seal in moisture. A product like this will rejuvenate and protect dry hair, instantly reviving and adding shine.”



Your hair has been *through it* after braving the wind and the elements — it’s time to repair it from the ends up (they’re the most damaged, remember?). There are a bunch of different hair masks out there you can buy, but you can also easily DIY them. Sherri recommends using a deep conditioning mask on strands weekly to bring hair back to life after the effects of styling + environmental exposure. She explained that masks “envelope hair with the highest concentrations of the most nurturing ingredients,” so they can really work wonders on your hair. A mask is essentially a supercharged conditioner, so use sparingly, but frequently enough where you’ll see results.

While you can’t control the wind, you can control how you react to it when it comes to your hair. Make sure you’re giving your locks a little extra moisture boost in the colder months, avoid heat tools whenever possible and don’t go too brush-crazy on your mane. Wind: We’re ready for you.

Do you have any tips to share when it comes to tackling wind-blown hair? Share your thoughts in the comments below.