Ski season is officially ON. We’re sharing some of the most delicious, fragrant and toasty concoctions for winding down after a day of chairlifts, snow angels and, ahem, possibly a faceplant or two. Whether you’re a first-timer, shredding with the best of them (or just looking for an excuse to wear special gloves), these snowbunny-approved elixirs will put the heat back in your hindquarters.

01_Dutch Tea

1. Dutch Tea: Piping hot chocolate Pu-erh tea and vodka are topped with whipped cream in this cocktail, which will spice up a snowy night. (via The Nest)

02_Mulled Cranberry Cocktail

2. Mulled Cranberry Cocktail: This cocktail offers cranberry cinnamon goodness, and it’s gluten free to boot. This recipe is sans-booze, so you can have it light or add your own spike. (via Whole Living)


3. Hot Chocolate With Red Wine: A recipe that puts two of arguably the best things on Earth in one cup? Yes and yes. (via Home Cooking Adventure)


4. Hot Apple-Ginger Toddy: This is the classic drink done perfectly for a ski-day nightcap. Apple cider, lemon, ginger and Bulleit make for a bright and tasty toast to the gods of fresh pow. (via Free People)


5. Warm Spiced Vanilla Cocktail: With cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, Irish cream and bourbon, we wouldn’t mind a nice, hot to-go cup on the gondola. (via Kitchen Treaty)


6. Hot Gin Punch: This classic punch is inspired by Bob Cratchit from A Christmas Carol. Scare the dickens out of old man winter with this zesty cocktail. (via Oh Gosh)


7. Butterbeer: Yes, it’s that butterbeer. As in Harry Potter’s go-to brew. This toasty concoction is made with butter (yaaasss) and real beer (even better). Cheers to The Three Broomsticks! (via Popsugar)


8. Hot Honey Lemon + Vodka: This soothing and comforting delight is perfect for when you’re under the weather, or just not jiving with the frosty temps. You’ll definitely want a cup after a windy day on the slopes. (via Global Adventure)


9. Hot Spiced Wine: Red wine, winter spices, apple cider and brandy make for a cozy, cabin-worthy brew. (via Well Plated)


10. Tequila Mint Hot Chocolate: Tequila is breaking up with lime and salt this winter and leaving them for this dangerously delicious “icy-hot” concoction. (via Serious Eats)

What’s your go-to beverage after a day on the slopes? Tell us in the comments below!