Bathrooms are usually one of the last things we update because it’s the most expensive room (besides the kitchen) to renovate. If marble tile, a new tub and a rain shower aren’t in your budget, there are lots of little changes you can do in a weekend. Whether you’re renting and can’t change much or are just starting to tackle a renovation project, you want your bathroom to be a relaxing place to unwind. Take your bathroom to the next level with these 16 affordable ideas that’ll transform your space from a basic loo to a glamorous oasis.

1. Hang a Shower Curtain: If you’re renting and can’t paint or have an ugly tiled shower you need to hide, just hang a pretty curtain. Cheap and inexpensive updates like this are our fave. (via Lonny)

2. Unusual Mirrors: Hang a mirror with an unusual shape or a gold frame for some glam atmosphere. Sift through thrift stores and vintage shops to find something unique to your home’s personality. (via Domaine Home)

3. Add a Rug: How long have you had that pastel-colored bathmat? Get a bright new rug and you’ll be amazed how much the bathroom perks up. (via Amber Interiors)

4. Play With Textures: Creating texture with sleek metals, rustic tiles and reflective mirrors makes the bathroom feel luxurious and well-designed. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

5. Add Some Hooks: Have a hook for a bathrobe and hang some towel rings or racks so you don’t have to keep draping them over the shower or sink. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

6. Tiles: Whether you want bright colors, pattern play or bold white, tiles are both a functional and fun way to add a statement wall to your bathroom. (via Domino)

7. Stylish Accessories: Sometimes all a bathroom needs is a few stylish accessories to tie the whole room together. Think patterned boxes, metallic vases and terrariums. (via Domaine Home)

8. Find the Right Wastebasket: If you cringe every time you see that plastic garbage can under the sink, it’s time to get something new. Replace it with wicker, metal or something like this porcelain piece. (via Guehne Made)

9. New Hardware: Feeling handy? Pick out some artsy knobs or switch out that old faucet for a sleek new gold or silver one. (via Domino)

10. Stylish Storage: Bathrooms are famous for collecting grungy bottles and half-empty tubes of mystery solution. Throw away what you can and find a pretty way to store the rest of it, whether it’s with a hanging shelf or a curtained table. (via Domino)

11. Add a Perch: If you want to make your powder room feel more luxurious, add a little bench or ottoman to sit on. Because nothing says chic like painting your toes on a pretty stool instead of the usual toilet. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

12. Glass Jars: If you don’t mind having your toiletries on display, find some hurricane jars for storage. They’ll really neaten your space while adding a glam element. Place ’em all on a tray for an even more polished look. (via Domaine Home)

13. Hang Art: Hang a fab gallery wall so you have something pretty to look at while getting ready in the morning. (via Lonny)

14. Revamp Your Vanity: Paint it, wallpaper it, stencil it, antique it — the options are endless. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

15. Create a Focal Point: If you’re lucky enough to have a clawfoot tub, make this favorite part of your bathroom the focal point. Brightly colored tubs are our fave, but you could go a more pastel or neutral route if that matches your color scheme. (via Interior Design)

16. Eye-Catching Wallpaper: Yes, you can put wallpaper in a bathroom and not have it come off with the first steamy shower you take. Colorful and easily updated, wallpaper is a grand statement, even in a tiny bathroom. (via Domaine Home)

What’s next on your list of bathroom updates? Share your projects in the comments below!