Summer’s almost over, and now it’s time to shift from bikinis and BBQ to backpacks and BTS. Whether you’re trying to prep for a new semester or just freshen up your desk space, all the goodies you need are available right in our very own Brit + Co Shop. Scroll down to peep a few of our favorites.


1. Floral Planner ($12): Map out the week in a pretty fashion with this adorable weekly desktop pad.


2. Colored Pencils ($19): As we’ve recently reported, coloring can actually calm you. That’s why you definitely want to keep a pack of these colored pencils by your desk. They’ll take your doodling to a whole other level and bring some much-needed pizazz to your desktop.


3. Ruler ($7): Rulers aren’t just for trigonometry class anymore. These fun ones will remind you of how awesome you are during finals week or your next big project at work.


4. Gem Speaker ($40): We’re loving the color and shape of these very special speakers. They’ll help you transition from work to study to party.


5. File Box: Mint storage FTW. Keep all those important docs contained with this pastel organizer. It’ll look great hanging out on those above-the-desk wall shelves.


6. Pencil Case: We love that this one is optical and arty. And the message is a good mantra to practice come the inevitable late afternoon crash.


7. Sticky Notes ($10): We love cacti print on our bods and in our homes, so this cute + prickly notepad is a must for any desktop.


8. Pantone Honeysuckle: Show your love for all things Pantone with this pretty pink storage tin. It’s great for storing stationery, knick-knacks and jewelry.


9. Bjacked Cable Organizer Set ($45): Yes, you CAN solve that tangled cord mess when your work situation goes mobile.


10. Planner ($45): This 17-month agenda will keep you organized from back-to-school planning to the 2016 holiday season. And if you’re into the gold cover, just wait until you see the rainbow color scheme inside.


11. Protea Sleeve ($60): Laptop accessories be notoriously dorky. We’re happy to have found an exception with this funky floral print.


12. Notebook ($12): “I have too many notebooks,” said no one EVER. This DMX-inspired one is great for any word nerd, rap music fan, or aspiring poet.


13. Copper Pen Caddy ($9): Copper accessories are super hot right now. Elevate your desk style with this pen caddy and throw in a few other goodies like this box ($32) and wall plant holder ($35) for a put-together look.


14. Planter ($48): Every desk needs a plant or two to bring some texture and greenery to the space. These planters will do just that and add a bit of fun color to the mix.


15. Classic Station: This station is just the thing you need to keep all your essentials in the right place (and not buried deep in the abyss that is your purse).


16. Mobile Charger ($30): Whether you are studying at home or living the nine-to-five lifestyle, you will never regret having a mobile charger for those go-go-go days.


17. Pens ($5): Sometimes all you need to stay positive and motivated is an inspirational quote or two. These pens will remind you to keep your eye on the prize.


18. Gilded iPhone Cord ($16): Trade that grimy, not-so-white cord for this gilded option instead. Major bonus: You won’t get it mixed up with your friends’ cords for the billionth time.


19. Wall Calendar ($32): In our minds it’s never too early to pick out your wall calendar for the upcoming year. This birds of paradise one is bright, tropical and perfect for that oh-so necessary pop of color above your desk.

Are you excited for back to school/office shopping? Let us know which items you are loving for you desk this year!