Does your morning routine look a little like this? Wake up, duck into the shower, grab your clothes and gulp down a sip of coffee before dashing out the door. Or maybe you try to pull together something that resembles breakfast, but just ends up leaving your kitchen looking like a scene from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. If this is you, here’s a tool that will help you make breakfast time just a little more streamlined and a lot more enjoyable.

Forget about choosing between a healthy bite to eat and your essential cup of coffee. This hybrid Baking Pot will help you speed up your mornings and keep you well fed and well caffeinated by brewing your coffee and toasting your bread at the same time. Simply put the bread into the slot at the base to toast, while the kettle attached on top takes care of the drip.

You can even detach the kettle from the toaster to serve your coffee without spilling crumbs everywhere. Genius.

We’re already drooling over the idea of one of these in our apartment. Think about it: You could program your coffeepot to brew and make toast the night before, so that it’s warm and waiting for you the moment you get out of bed. Then you’ve got a perfect base for some avocado toast or a delicious breakfast sammie, plus a cup of caffeine.

And for you busy ladies who sometimes have to grab whatever’s on hand before running for the door, this is a great way to make sure you have at least some semblance of a healthy, balanced breakfast before you go out into the world. If only it could dry your hair, too…

What uses would you find for this super cool appliance? Do you see it fitting into your routine and saving you time? Let us know below!