When it comes to interior design, celebs have the cash money to go ALL OUT. Whether it’s huge walk-in closets for their hundreds of shoes (Jessica Alba, we’re looking at you) or colorful, giant living rooms, unlimited funds can buy you some luxe decor, and their bathroom designs are no exception. If you’re looking to give your bathroom an opulent makeover, we’ve got 10 stylish and modern celeb bathrooms for you to admire.

1. Kourtney Kardashian: If you grew up in a huge family like Kourtney, you remember the endless battles for bathroom time. Kourtney’s mansion solves that dilemma with nine beautiful bathrooms, more than enough for all of her famous family members. We hope each one includes that sparkly chandelier! (via PopSugar)

2. Kate Walsh: If there was ever a bathroom that screamed “spa” as soon as you walked in, this would definitely be it. Kate Walsh probably never needs to restock up on her favorite spa essentials, thanks to all that roomy storage space. (via Hooked on Houses)

3. Christina Aguilera: With a tub that huge and a gold-framed TV just a few feet away, Christina Aguilera’s bathroom gives new meaning to the phrase “luxurious bath.” Suddenly the bathroom seems like a perfectly logical place for a fireplace. (via Hooked On Homes)

4. Ellen and Portia: Of course, Ellen and Portia’s bathroom matches their fashion style: understated and sophisticated, with a lively twist. Ellen’s floor-to-ceiling windows face a private garden, so she doesn’t have to worry about an audience when she breaks out her infamous dance moves on that slick marble floor. (via Architectural Design)

5. Brooke Shields: Now there’s a bathtub worthy of a good long soak after an exhausting day of modeling. Brooke Shields has a minimalist vibe going on in her bathroom, and that fresh lavender adds an exciting pop of color. (via Architectural Design)

6. Keri Russell: As if Keri Russell’s claw-foot tub wasn’t extravagant enough, she’s got an antique chair in there too. We love her understated decor and classic mix of modern and vintage. (via Elle Decor)

7. Ralph Lauren: Those gorgeous floor-to-ceiling views of the New York City skyline bring tons of light into Ralph Lauren’s bathroom. Plus, with such clear views of the sky, we’d never need a weather app to figure out if it’s going to rain. (via Un Peu De)

8. Meg Ryan: You’ve Got... Glamour? This beautiful bathroom belongs to Meg’s beach house. It’s a pretty spectacular room for washing off all that sand. (via Elle Decor)

9. Cameron Diaz: This actress provides a spectacularly shiny, gilded bathroom for her guests in her NYC apartment. Can we come for a visit, Cameron? (via The Huffington Post)

10. Kim and Kanye: The power couple recently bought a French Country-style estate with his-and-hers master baths. If we had that much space to get ready in, we’d be as fashion-forward as Kim Kardashian. (Okay, not really, but a girl can dream, right?) (via Hooked on Houses)

Have you seen any amazing celebrity bathrooms that we missed? Send us the link below!