That stretchy belly band that goes onto your jeans isn’t exactly fabulously fashionable. But that’s not to say maternity-wear hasn’t come a long way — you no longer have to choose between form and function. Check out these maternity jeans that will keep your growing belly bump supported and stylish. And yes, you’ll actually want to wear them.

1. H&M MAMA Skinny Jeans ($50): Forget about the belly band with these skinny jeans. They sit low, hitting just under your belly bump. The stretch denim fits your form but still feels comfortable on your growing body. And bonus, these come in enough hues for every mama-to-be’s taste. Go for a dark denim or lighten things up with a lux gray.

2. Topshop Maternity Black Jamie Jeans ($75): Even though the waist is high on these skinny jeans, their stretchy feel has give galore — which is perfect for your bumping belly. If you’re going for a sleek chic look, these black jeans are definitely not the typical denim.

3. 7 For All Mankind Maternity Medium Wash Skinny Jeans ($179): The Secret Fit Belly waistband is what you need to keep your bump feeling comfy right now. As your belly grows, these jeans will help to cradle it. Don’t worry about a weird belly band look — It’s totally hidden.

4. Gap Full Panel Distressed True Skinny Jeans ($75): The full panel covers your bump just enough to keep you feeling supported all day long. If you’re looking for denim that isn’t dark, but is distressed, this is a dressed-down pick.

5. H&M MAMA Boyfriend Jeans ($50): With wide jersey ribbing, these jeans are easy on the waist but still look like your typical low rises — at least when paired with a cute top. The casual, loose (and distressed) look is ideal for a lazy weekend or Sunday brunch out with friends.

6. Paige Jimmy Jimmy Skinny Maternity – Tawni Destruction ($199): Instead of the full front belly band, these maternity jeans have elastic side panels. This does plenty to hide the maternity-ness of these super-stylish pants. And yes, you can wear these cute, casually distressed jeans for all three of your trimesters.

7. J Brand Maternity Skinny Jeans ($198): The stretch denim will hug your growing form without constricting your body. Come on, no mama-to-be wants a full body hug that doesn’t go away all day. These skinny jeans have flex, which is just what you need right now.

8. DL 1961 Maternity Jeans ($50): You don’t always need a dark denim. Sometimes you need to lighten up your mood and your wardrobe, and these jeans can do just that. With stretchy side panels, they’ll keep right on growing with you.

9. J Brand Maternity Brooke ($209): Skinny jeans aren’t always IT when it comes to your everyday wardrobe. If you have a hankering for a bit of a flare, the Brooke is a boot-cut classic. Add in the stretchy side panels and you have a recipe for the perfect fit for your entire pregnancy.

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