Your hair deserves the same level of care your skin gets. You already use specific products for specific problems, employ different methods for cleansing and are constantly in tune with what your skin needs on a daily basis. So, why haven’t we been doing this to our locks all along? Thanks to the method Kim Kardashian West’s hairstylist swears by, you’ll definitely start now.


Jen Atkin’s healthy hair trick is two fold. We already know she’s a believer in going days without washing your hair — Kim revealed that she’s a pretty devoted follower — but when you do shampoo, Atkin suggests you use different shampoos for different parts of your hair. We’re not talking about using a clarifying shampoo on Sunday followed by a super moisturizing option on Tuesday; this new method is the equivalent of multimasking for your hair. You use one shampoo to cleanse your roots and a different blend to wash the bulk of your locks, moving from the scalp down.


This makes total sense for a bunch of reasons. First, you shouldn’t be washing your hair super frequently, so when you do, you want to make sure you’re giving your hair *everything* it needs. Your roots are way different in dirtiness, texture and volume than the rest of your hair. You use product on your roots (like dry shampoo), are constantly brushing it and potentially running your (dirty!) fingers through it. The rest of your hair might be experiencing something totally unique to what your roots are. Breakage, thinning, tangles and the harmful impact heat tools can cause mean that you should be using a different shampoo on your hair shaft than your hair roots.


Not only is it a complete revelation, it’s ridiculously easy to integrate into your daily routine, even though there’s no need to wash your hair every single day. For your roots, consider using a clarifying or daily cleansing shampoo to make sure it’s squeaky clean and free of product build-up. For the rest of your hair, give a moisturizing or repairing/protecting formula a try. After using this method, you hair will be perfectly-prepped to sport some awesome five-minute-flat hair hacks. Ready, GO!

Are you going to give this double-shampoo method a try? Share your thoughts with us in the comments and let us know your experience if you try it out!

(h/t Marie Claire; featured photo via Vivien Killilea/Getty)