During some repairs at the Massachusetts State House in Boston, workers unearthed a time capsule that people are pretty positive was put there in 1795 by none other than BFFs Paul Revere and Sam Adams. Historians haven’t opened it yet but are likely going to find some old coins, newspapers and other trinkets from the era in the small box. Pamela Hatchfield, the head of object conservation at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, has taken charge. It took her almost seven hours to chip the box out of the building safely, and hopefully she’ll find some nicely aged Sam Adams lager inside.

We haven’t made a time capsule since 6th grade, but if we were to bury one now it would probably have to include the following…

1. Grumpy Cat and assorted other meme-orabilia. Clearly.

2. A selfie stick.

3. A copy of The Onion. Just to mess with everybody, y’know.

4. 1989. Although that might be confusing.

5. A lock of hair in a fishtail braid. Because that would be so creepy, but also… trendy.

6. A broken iPhone 4. Maybe someone in the future will finally be able to fix it.

7. Pennies. Because they will probably be extinct and priceless by the time it’s opened — it’ll be like real buried treasure.

8. A bouquet of 3D printed roses and a MakerBot. They’ll prob LOL so hard at the relic of an appliance that PLA will come shooting out of their built-in extruders.

What would you put in a time capsule today? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Boston Herald)