Although many of us have fond memories of loading up in the station wagon and pitching a tent for the weekend, the nostalgic experience hasn’t quite kept up with modern technology. But you have a chance to Kickstart a product that could change that. The Camp Caddy is a camp kitchen on wheels set to make your next outdoor overnight experience a memorable one.

There are tons of cool camping gadgets out there, but this one takes the cake. Built by a family with a love of camping, the Camp Caddy was created with many uses in mind. It looks like a basic caddy on wheels, but unfolds to reveal impressive storage and functionality. Expandable legs bring it to table height and the lid folds out to create the perfect working surface.

The portable table has plenty of storage and the interior can be modified to fit your customized needs. The base is plastic, but the table top is aluminum to accommodate heat, like a camp stove. In addition to providing functional storage, it has several handy tools, including a bottle opener and towel racks.

Support the Camp Caddy and get your very own for a pledge of $200 and receive it in May 2015, just in time for the summer camping season. The Camp Caddy fits into the trunk of a standard car, so add it to your list of camping essentials (or quirky gadgets) and hit the road less traveled to a superb secluded spot.

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