We鈥檝e all got at least one in our life: the granola-eating, trail-blazing, adventure-seeking outdoor junkie who can鈥檛 get enough of nature. And we鈥檝e all faced the conundrum of trying to figure out what to get for that special person who already has every camping gadget imaginable under the sun. Never fear! From beauty products to cutlery, we here at Brit + Co have gone outside the box and put the 鈥済lam鈥 in glamping with this collection of must-have camp wares.


1. Travel Duffel聽($82): With plenty of room for all that hiking gear and comfy clothes, this neon necessity will be the talk of the town鈥 err, campground.

Steel Utensils

2. Gourmet Camping Utensil Set ($19): This set is sleek and multi-purpose, with a little bit of sass too. When opened, secret engraved messages are exposed: 鈥渟poon me!鈥 for the spoon and 鈥渨hat the?鈥 for the fork. Talk about tongue in cheek!


3. Adventure Makeup Bag聽($20): This bag would be perfect for all those camping essentials like toothpaste, sunscreen and bug spray. The sunny color and motivating quote is just the thing to perk anyone up in the AM.

Sunglasses string

4. Patterned Sunglass String ($25): This one鈥檚 perfect for that person in your life who鈥檚 always losing their shades on their fabulous outdoors adventures. Never again will their sunglasses be the casualty of a good time.

Where ive been

5. Where I鈥檝e Been: USA Map ($35): This map is a great聽way to keep track of all the places you鈥檝e been and chart all the places you want to go. Draw right on it or use colorful pins or stickers 鈥 the possibilities (and adventures!) are endless.


6. Tallow Luxe Beach Towel ($78): Only a towel of this quality and pattern could make you more excited to come out of the water than jump in.

Daypack Backpack

7. Backpack No.5 ($282): From concrete jungles to the real thing, this pack 鈥 with an exterior crafted of weather-resistant canvas, quality leather and no-joke webbing 鈥 is in it for the long haul.


8.聽Adventure Begins Food Flask ($27): This little food flask will be essential聽for all those long hikes. Not only will it keep stews and soups warm, but it will inspire your favorite adventurer to keep on keeping on.


9. Bheard Sound Pod ($29): Made from lightweight silicone and rubber, this super portable pod is perfect for life on the go. With no need for power or protection from common elements, it鈥檚 just as rough-and-tumble as the camper you love.


10.聽PowerPot V聽($150):聽With the聽PowerPot V聽you can quickly boil water or cook up a fresh meal under the stars. All you need to get a nice flame going are a few twigs and sticks. Did we mention that you can also charge your phone with this stove?!


11. Artisan S鈥檓ores Kit ($19): Speaking of camping feasts, why not take it to the next level? This isn鈥檛 your basic s鈥檓ore: The vanilla-bean marshmallows, couverture chocolate and fresh graham crackers compose this decidedly delectable take on the camping classic.

Poplar cutlery

12. Poplar Cutlery ($16): Made from sustainable and biodegradable wood, this popular poplar (see what we did there?) utensil set works great as campfire kindling when dinner is over.

Pocket monkey

13. PocketMonkey ($12): With 12 essential functions (think screwdriver and iPhone stand) in one TSA-compliant tool, this little guy isn鈥檛 monkeying around.

Miur wood poster

14. Muir Woods Poster ($30): Bring a little bit of nature鈥檚 beauty inside by commemorating a past trip or inspiring a future adventure with this elegantly designed print.

Granola box

15. Granola Variety Box ($36): Travels both near and far call for proper nourishment and sustained energy, which is exactly what you鈥檒l get in each of these six decadent flavors. (They鈥檙e available in gluten-free too!)

Explore bottle

16. Explore Water Bottle ($21): Let your beloved camper share their mantra with the world with this versatile stainless steel water bottle that travels just as well to the dog park as it does to the mountain top.

Mantis chair

17. Mantis Chair ($125): Made by a group of self-proclaimed 鈥渞abblerousers,鈥 this nifty little chair is as useful as it is cute.

Lotion stick

18. Solid Lotion ($10): This compact and travel-friendly vegan lotion stick is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and animal lovers alike.

iPhone wide angle

19. Wide Angle iPhone Lens ($20): Keep your pack light (no bulky camera needed) and your shots perfect with this iPhone add-on. This wide-angle lens lets you capture those large landscape scenes with the tap of a finger. Never again will you be stuck uttering the words 鈥淭his picture just doesn鈥檛 do it justice.鈥

Star chart

20. Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere Print ($54): We can鈥檛 think of a camper on the planet who wouldn鈥檛 appreciate this planetary print. Post it to the ceiling instead of a wall and drift off to sleep staring at the stars from the comfort of your own bed.

Drawstring bag

21.聽Waxed Drawstring Bag ($19): 鈥淟ive each day delightfully鈥 is the motivation for the makers of this bag. Sling it over your shoulder and you鈥檙e ready to hit the trail or tackle the laundromat in style.

Solar charger

22. Power+ Solar Charger and Light ($79): No need to weigh a pack down with a bunch of batteries. Harvest the sun and charge your phone in a more natural way,聽or save some solar energy for later to light the night.

Be grand poster

23. Be Grand Poster ($20): As if they need an invitation. Show that special nature lover that you think they鈥檙e just as great as the great outdoors with this gorgeous poster print.

Which one of these adventurous items will get the adrenaline flowing for the camper in your life? Share in the comments below!