Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it鈥檚 officially the season to be jolly. We鈥檙e ready (and so are you) to send those holiday photos to friends and family (and post on Instagram, of course) and what better way to think up ideas than to draw inspiration from our favorite famous folks. Take a look at this roundup of celebrities鈥 holiday-themed shots, and you鈥檙e bound to find a merry pose or two to recreate.

1. Taylor Swift: We鈥檙e sure the It Girl of the moment (or forever) would never shake off a festive photo shoot. Throw on some red, wrap yourself in garland and get your pose on. The merry results won鈥檛 be just another picture to burn. (via Parade)

2. Katy Perry: Just like this California gurl, feel like a festive firework and throw on your fave holiday glitter gown (with some pearls), grab yourself a Santa and sleigh the camera. (via Glamour UK)

3. Lady Gaga: Let your inner Little Monster out and dress up in your most festively outrageous fashion(!) piece (a Christmas tree with a skirt, natch) and take a stroll around the block. We鈥檙e sure the neighborhood papa-paparazzi will snap a shot or two. (via Popsugar)

4. Lauren Conrad: Judging by Lauren鈥檚 warm, casual chic outfit, her days in Laguna Beach are totally dunzo. Keep it simple with a beanie, a sweater and a gaze at your perfect Christmas tree. (via Lauren Conrad)

5. Joe Jonas: We鈥檙e kinda really into the other Jonas at the moment (you have seen Nick鈥檚 abs, right?) but how can we not want to recreate this hysterical awkward cat photo? Photoshop yourself into this funny pose and get all your girls laughin鈥 till they鈥檙e burnin鈥 up. (via Instagram)

6. Kelly Clarkson: Calling all the former Miss Independents: Get wrapped in red and recreate this beautiful disaster of a holiday shot with the family. The bundle of joy the scene will produce will be the breakaway hit of the holiday season. (via Twitter)

7. The Kardashians: More into the glitz and glamour of the holidays than the typical Santa hat? Take a cue from the Kardashian fam and put on your fanciest gown, snatch up your photographer friend and the most budget-friendly art director and create an avant-garde masterpiece to make everyone envious of your holiday style. (via Ryan Seacrest)

8. Janet Jackson: Take your holiday photo to the future (a la Rhythm Nation) and channel Miss Jackson if you鈥檙e nasty. Even if it鈥檚 a little risque compared to the rest of the stack of cards your friends are receiving, you don鈥檛 have to pay no mind to the feedback (feedback). (via Twitter)

9. Rihanna: This straight-to-social-media pose will have all your friends saying cheers as you pour it up, pour it up to a glass of your fave beverage. Whatever it takes to get through the holidays ;) (via Rihanna)

10. Tom Daley: Take a dive like this Olympian and pose under the mistletoe. If you share it on social media like Tom Daley did, you鈥檙e bound to get a few interested parties worthy of a gold-medal smooch. (via Instagram)

11. Jessica Alba: Grab your fantastic foursome (or however many you鈥檝e got) and take a family picture right in front of the tree with your gallery of gifts. What鈥檚 more wholesome and honest than this casual pose? (via Instagram)

12. Lorde: Keep it casual while still looking like a royal and slip on a Santa hat in your daytime clothes. Then pose in front of a minimal background. When you鈥檙e T. Swift鈥檚 BFF (that鈥檚 us, right?) you can pretty much get away with anything. (via Instagram)

13. Mindy Kaling: Don鈥檛 we all look glam stepping out of the cubicle? At least make it appear that way by slipping into an elegant gown, then waltz out of your office appearing completely shocked the camera was waiting for you. (via Facebook)

14. Beyonc茅: Confident your body looks ***flawless this holiday season? Send out a card like this one and you鈥檒l have everyone on your list drunk in love. (via Instagram)

15. Blue Ivy: No one puts Blue in the corner, or any baby for that matter. Get your little one in front of the Christmas tree and let the holiday magic happen. (via Instagram)

16. Adam Levine: Slip on some PJs, wrap yourself up as a present and get goofy. Even if you have an obnoxious laugh, your loved one will probably still think you have the voice (hopefully). (via Instagram)

17. Mario Lopez: When we wake up on Christmas morning we hope we鈥檙e saved by this booty. Get an extra special Christmas tree decorating photo of your boo this holiday season and you鈥檒l have everyone thinking they have the X factor. (via Twitter)

18. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi: Take a cue from pop culture鈥檚 greatest hits and you鈥檒l have your friends laughing (and maybe even dancing) until the New Year. (via Facebook)

Which holiday star shots inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments below.