If you’re not feeling like riding solo this spring break, you’re probably considering some vacay time with bae. Taking a vacation with your partner can feel like a pretty big step, especially since you have *so* many options as far as trips go. Do you opt outside or head for the beach? How do you compromise your desires for a vacation? The possibilities are only bounded by geography. With these ideas, all you’ll need is a solid relationship and an even more solid swimsuit.

couple traveling

1. Plan a group trip. Taking a trip together doesn’t necessarily mean taking a trip alone! Especially if it’s early on in your relationship, consider inviting your friends to vacation with you and your partner. By including your pals, you’ll help them get to know your boo while also blowing off some steam.

2. Go on a cruise. There are two reasons why a cruise is a great option for couples. First, many cruises require passengers to pay for WiFi, which you can opt out of — giving you and your partner a great chance to unplug and reconnect. Second, most cruises are all-inclusive, which is a feature that allows you both to spend a stress-free week feeling pampered and refreshed.

3. Take a road trip. The old adage goes that a road trip is a major test for most couples. However, with some solid planning (and a great playlist!), hitting the road together can be a wonderful, relaxing bonding experience that gives you flexibility and room for spontaneity in your travel plans.

4. Get international. Maybe you and your boo are well-traveled in the US — or perhaps you need a major change of scenery. No matter your reasons for heading across the pond, exposing you and your partner to a new culture will provide your relationship with a strong, unique shared experience that you can recall when things feel dull. 

5. Find a cute camper. If road tripping is totally your style, consider taking it to the next level by renting a cute vintage camper. Surprisingly, there are some pretty fabulous (and affordable) campers on Airbnb, like this one in Nashville.

6. Play TripAdvisor roulette. If you and your boo are really stumped for a destination, use TripAdvisor or other travel sites as your guide. Simply hit up their Best of 2018 list, close your eyes, and voila! You have a fabulous destination that’s guaranteed to be a great time. 

7. Hometowns!Bachelor junkies already know: Despite the fabulous places that contestants travel to throughout the season, there’s nothing quite as romantic as returning home. Traveling to each other’s hometowns is a great way to reconnect with family, learn more about each other, and maybe even see an embarrassing home video or two. 

8. Hit up the national parks. One of the greatest things about national parks is they’re everywhere, literally! With one in every state, there’s no reason why you and your boo can’t grab some camping gear and head toward the great outdoors together.

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