“You eat with your eyes first.” We’ve all heard it, and it’s true — beautifully arranged food does get our mouths watering more than some blob of uninspired oatmeal in a standard white IKEA bowl. So why shouldn’t the same theory apply to our kids? Next time you’re trying to get your kiddies to try something new (or maybe even just eat lunch in the first place), consider whipping up an artistic plate of food that will both entice them and fill up their tummies. Here are 20 super creative (and healthy) kids’ lunches from across the interwebs for inspiration!

1. Cow in a Pasture: Hey! That cow (sandwich) is stickin’ its tongue out at us! (via Handmade Charlotte)

2. Tomato Soup With Toasted Tiger: Some kids may shy away from tomato soup, but if you top it with a tiger-shaped piece of toast, all bets are off. (via Bento Monsters)

3. Mermaid Plate: Uhhh, can you say amazing? There is no way your kid isn’t eating this plate of food. (via You Pouch)

4. Piglet Watermelon Snack: This sunny scene is a fantastic summer treat, especially for those scorching hot summer days. (via Kix)

5. Owl Sandwich: Sliced cucumbers and hard boiled eggs have never looked so good. We especially appreciate the asparagus branch. #winning (via Leesamantha)

6. Under the Sea: This cute lil’ underwater scene, complete with Kix cereal and dragonfruit, looks like it (almost) belongs in Finding Nemo! (via Kix)

7. Orange Animals: How do they do this? These are just too cute. (via Little Cook)

8. Chocolate-Covered Banana Penguins: Dark chocolate-dipped bananas are super yummy, especially when they’re dolled up like penguins. (via Popsugar)

9. Banana Tattoos: This is a super cool trick you can do to your banana, too! We bet your coworkers will be wow’ed slash super jelly. (via How About Orange)

10. Dad Sandwiches: We love this one. Next lunchtime, try dressing your kiddies’ sandwich up just like Dad! (via Kix)

11. Cheese and Cracker Chicks: These Easter chicks on leaves of spinach are looking pretty darn yummy right about now… (via Meet the Dubiens)

12. Field of Flowers: It’s amazing how much magic cookie cutters can bring to a snack pack of sliced bread and cheese. (via Wendolonia)

13. Rice Kitty: Okay, now this is just getting out of control. This rice kitty is totally hilarious. (via Tokatok)

14. Lion Lunch: Yes, this lunch lion’s mane is made of noodles. (via Twisted Sifter)

15. Princess Merida of Brave: Are you serious? We just can’t. (via Where Cool Things Happen)

16. Toast Art: We need to start doing this to our toast ASAP. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? (via Lost at E Minor)

17. Rocketship Sammie: We bet this sando will rocket right into your kiddos’ tummies after they see this one! (via Artsy Craftsy Mom)

18. Sunshine Sammies: A sunny scene makes for a happy sandwich… Or something. (via La Fuji Mama)

19. Funny Faces: These little fellas are just way too cute. We bet they’ll have your kids smiling from ear to ear as they chow down on lunch! (via Lisa Storms)

20. Themed Lunches: And never, ever, ever forget about themed lunches—because there are so many cool things you can do for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Easter… Need we go on? (via This Lunch Rox)

Which lunch are you inspired to create? Let us know in the comments!