It鈥檚 official. The fairy tales have gone to our heads and nothing sounds cozier than a little cottage in the woods. Or on the beach. Or in the mountains. Or, well, anywhere. Whether you鈥檙e smitten with cottage-style decor or are searching for your next summer retreat, these 22 little houses will bring your very own fairy tale to life.

1. Eagles Pass: Canada, you鈥檝e outdone yourself. That view is only rivaled by the perfectly styled interior of this seaside retreat in Nova Scotia. (via Boutique Homes)

2. Tiny Texas House: At only 12-by-21 feet, this miniature cottage is built to last. Using Old World techniques, the builders used refurbished windows from the 1880s and siding made from a salvaged old-growth cypress tree. (via Mother Earth Living)

3. Storybook Cottage: This delightful cottage is one of dozens of storybook homes in Carmel by the Sea. They were built in the 1890s by developer Frank Devendorf as a charming village for artists and academics. (via Velvet + Linen)

4. Garden Cottage: A true country cottage couldn鈥檛 possibly be complete without an excess of flowers in the garden. (via Tessalaarusa)

5. Reclaimed Barn Wood Cottage: This sustainable backyard micro-house is equipped with a rustic but modern interior and lush surroundings. The wood stove cozies it up all year long. (via Proud Green Home)

6. Fairy tale Cottage: There鈥檚 definitely a witch living in this one. The little smiley faces above the door make us sure she鈥檚 a good witch though. (via Jeroen Kransen)

7. Chalet Gentianes: We might be stretching the cottage concept a little on this one, but this vintage French ski chalet is just too pretty not to include. (via One Kind Design)

8. Smoky Mountain Cottage: If this little nugget of a cabin isn鈥檛 enough for you, there are four others on the amazing property in the Smoky Mountains! (via Architectural Digest)

9. Greenhouse Cottage: Green thumbs? This wee house includes a gorgeous greenhouse that we can鈥檛 wait to get our grubby hands on. (via Back House Holly)

10. Thatched Cottage: Not even sure this one is real. This is a Thomas Kinkade painting, right? (via Zach Li)

11. Waterfront Cottage: Wow, just wow! This two-story retreat is literally on top of the water. We鈥檙e not sure how it survives heavy rainfall, but we鈥檒l take our chances. (via Taylor鈥檇 Events)

12. Dark + Modern: Black exterior fits this sleek, open-air home that brings the outdoors indoors in every way. Even the bathtub is outside! (via Facing North With Gracia)

13. Welsh Riverside Cottage: Mr. Darcy is sure to find us here. We鈥檙e ready for romance! (via Cottage Guide)

14. Wooded Cabin Kitchen: That minty fridge! With any luck, we鈥檒l be swinging from these shabby chic rafters in no time. (via Qaaks)

15. Catskills Cottage: A cottage so tiny it doesn鈥檛 even have a bathroom or kitchen鈥 but it does have charm in spades and a rad reading nook. (via New York Times)

16. The Queen鈥檚 Hamlet: For a minute, it seemed like this not-so-humble abode one was an illustration, too. But it鈥檚 actually a real place in the gardens of Versailles. Of course. (via Different Doors)

17. Rustic Modern Tiny House: Portland鈥檚 cutest Airbnb is a 350 square foot cottage built by the owners鈥 own two (err鈥 four?) hands. Best part, it鈥檚 still available for rent in September! (via Airbnb)

18. Natural + Bright: The tour of this comfy, light-filled house looks a lot like a tour through our Pinterest boards. (via Casa Haus)

19. 15th Century Fairy tale Cottage: Oh heeeeyyy, Snow White鈥檚 house. (via Lanier鈥檚 Books)

20. Life On The Edge: This private, cliff-dwelling English cottage is so close to the water it鈥檚 almost seaworthy. (via Hi Consumption)

21. The Hygge House: An old fisherman鈥檚 cottage outside Copenhagen transforms into a comfortable, modern family home. The owners鈥 very personal renovation was successful in meeting their dream of 鈥渁 house where we could live close together but not on top of each other.鈥 (via Dwell)

22. Turquoise Tour: Pacific coastal cottages with bright touches of turquoise and a decidedly Nantucket-style charm? Invite us over to Seabrook please! (via House of Turquoise)

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